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Morningside Nannies was far more professional and focused than the other agencies. They listened to my request and responded promptly. I feel very fortunate to have such superb childcare and appreciate the luxury of returning to work with-out worry. Many thanks go to Morningside Nannies for that.Jeremy and Lauren Blachman
The first person you recommended met my needs perfectly.Carolyn Goodrich, Stay at home mom
I am delighted with the outcome, and enjoyed the process.Dr. Rick Smalley, Professor Rice University, Nobel Peace Prize Honoree
The quality of candidates was very good. It was a difficult decision but Amy has proven to be a wonderful choice. We could not have found a better person. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a nanny.Sonia Breathwit, Business Owner
We made you work and you did! I was extremely picky! Thanks.Dr. Cheryl Caragnano, Pediatrician
Objective and professional with an obvious personal touch, small but important comments about each person.Dr. Shari Rochen
We used two other services and an online service. Morningside Nannies had the most highly qualified candidates, one of whom we selected.Dr. M
We’ve placed ads in newspapers on two occasions and have gone through an Au Pair program twice. This has been our best experience by far!James Wilt, Houston Symphony
Thank you so much. I would recommend your company to absolutely everyone in need of help. You always asked questions to ensure proper performance.Cynthia Cisneros, Television News Personality
I liked the fact that you screened the candidates before sending them to us, rather than sending the candidate to me before I knew anything about them, like happened with (name withheld), your competition.Name Withheld

University of Houston

Founded in 1927 as a public institution, the University of Houston is ranked at number 184 in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges National Universities list. The university boasts more than 400 student organizations, including sororities and fraternities. The University of Houston is also part of the NCAA Division I Conference, well known for their strong football and basketball programs.

The University of Houston is a Carnegie-designated Tier-One public research university. Because it’s located in the fourth largest city in the United States, the opportunities for students to obtain internships and research opportunities are plentiful, and first-year students of the university are not required to live on campus. The University of Houston has also been chosen by The Princeton Review for inclusion in its guidebooks showcasing the best colleges in the nations, and the best value destinations for undergraduates.

School Colors

The colors of the University of Houston, Scarlet Red and Albino White. These colors symbolize that “blood is the life source of the soul” and how Sir Hugh, ancestor of Sam Houston, saved a bloodline of royalty through his timely actions. The Scarlet Red is said to symbolize courage and perseverance, while the Albino White symbolizes “the purity and perfections of a heart, mind and soul that is dedicated to serve faithfully. The Albino White symbolizes the act of helping others and compassion.”

Theme Song

There are several songs sung in celebration of the University of Houston, including the Cougar Fight Song, Eat ‘Em Up and Touchdown. The official alma mater, however, was written as part of an assignment by Bruce Spencer King, the Associate Professor of Music, to his harmony class.

“All hail to thee,

Our Houston University.

Our hearts fill with gladness

When we think of thee.

We’ll always adore thee

Dear old varsity.

And to thy memory cherished,

True we’ll ever be.”


The Cougar was adopted as University of Houston’s mascot in 1927 after being suggested by Professor John W. Bender, who joined the faculty of UH after serving as Washington State University’s Head Football coach. The name was put forth as a possible name for the student newspapers; it was then unanimously agreed upon and adopted by all student groups and activities. The first cougar to ever represent the institution was named Shasta, who served as the Grand Marshall at the University homecoming celebration in 1947. After the death of Shasta V in 1989, the University of Houston has not purchased another live cougar to continue the tradition.

Student Statistics

Of the 36,080 total students attending classes at the University of Houston, 77% return after the first year. The average GPA is 3.33, with average ACT Composite scores falling between 20 and 25. The student-to-faculty ratio is 29:1.

Early Childhood Programs

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction at University of Houston includes Professional Leadership, Early Childhood, Gifted and Talented, Art, Instructional Technology, Mathematics, Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Teaching and Science on the doctoral level. Masters programs include Administration & Supervision, Art, Early Childhood, Gifted and Talented, Elementary, Instructional Technology, Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Secondary, Special Education, Teaching and Secondary. Undergraduates can study Teaching and Learning, with a minor in Education. The Department of Educational Psychology offers Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, Educational Psychology and Individual Differences as programs on the doctoral level. Master’s programs include Administration and Supervision – Higher Education, Counseling, Educational Psychology, Health Educations, Allied Health and Education and Administration. Health, Human Development and Family Studies are offered to undergraduates, with Asian American Studies, health, Human Development and Family Studies available as minors.

Contact Information

212 E. Cullen Building
Houston, TX 77204
(713) 743-1000

Official Website

Nanny Recruiting

Because the University of Houston has a strong presence in the early childhood development and education section of the academic world, we actively recruit interested and qualified students to work as private, in-home childcare providers. Taking the personal preferences, parenting philosophies and disciplinary styles of your individual household into account, we are able to match your family with a qualified and thoroughly-vetted nanny candidate whose styles and ideas are in accordance with your own. By matching the unique needs and desires of your family with the specific attributes of well-suited nannies, we can help you reduce turnover and find the perfect fit for your household.


We understand that hiring a private childcare provider requires you to entrust both your children and your home into the hands of a relative stranger. In order to provide you with the greatest possible peace of mind, we carefully investigate the backgrounds of all our candidates in order to verify employment history, eliminate the possibility of a criminal record and check against the National Sex Offender Registry. We also offer screening services for parents who choose a nanny on their own, without the benefits of our matching system, in order to make sure that you always make the safest choice when it comes to selecting a private childcare provider for your children.


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