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Importance of a Work Agreement

Having a written work agreement ensures that both the employer and the employee has a clear understanding of the mutually agreed upon employment arrangement.

At Morningside Nannies we provide our clients with a detailed work agreement to solidify the terms of their employment relationship in writing.

A well-crafted work agreement will leave both parties with a clear understanding of their commitment, obligations and expectations.


Your work agreement should contain an overview of your nanny’s responsibilities. Typically, a nanny’s responsibility is to provide attentive care in a safe and nurturing environment and to meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of the children as directed by the parents.


Your work agreement should contain a specific list of the duties your nanny has agreed to take on. These typically include items relating to the children’s daily care, like dressing and feeding the children, preparing nutritious meals and snacks, transporting the children to and from activities and appointments, running child-related errands, providing age-appropriate activities and tending to the children’s personal care needs. Specific child-related housekeeping tasks like doing the children’s laundry and pet care tasks, if agreed upon, should be included and how often these tasks must be completed should be noted.


Your work agreement should include the nanny’s schedule. The typical daily schedule that you’ve agreed upon should be clearly presented.


Your work agreement should include the nanny’s salary. It is important to include the nanny’s gross hourly wage in the work agreement to ensure that wages are compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act. If the nanny is required to travel with the family or to work overnights, the wage arrangement should also be included. Overtime should also be addressed in the salary section, noting that live-out nannies must be paid at least 1.5 times their base hourly rate for all hours worked over 40 in a 7-day period. Tax responsibilities of the employer and employee should also be noted, as well as frequency of pay.


Your work agreement should include any benefits you are providing your nanny. Paid time off, including specific holidays, sick time, health insurance contributions and any other benefits should be clearly presented.

Conditions of Employment

Your work agreement should include information outlining the conditions of employment. A termination clause and a renewal clause should be included in the work agreement. If severance pay will be offered, it should also be noted.

Special Considerations

Your work agreement should include any special considerations your employment arrangement includes. If your nanny is a live-in nanny, information as to room and board should be clearly noted.

In addition to these areas, the following may also be included:

Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement

Parents who wish their nannies not to discuss their family, their family’s assets or their work arrangement may ask their nanny to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Photography Policy

Parents who wish their nannies not to take or share photographs or videos of their children may ask their nanny to sign an agreement that states as such. Parents who do not wish their nanny to share images of their home, children or family on social media sites may specifically and formally insist that their nanny agree that she will not in writing.

Videotaping Clause

Parents who wish to videotape their nanny may wish to disclose the use of recording devices in their work agreement.

In addition to the work agreement, a nanny should be presented with household information, an authorized to treat a minor form and emergency contact information.


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