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Turning a Part-Time Job Into a Full-Time One

For many parents, finding a nanny to provide part-time care is a real challenge. Many career nannies require full-time employment, so parents who are recruiting nannies to work less than 30 hours per week can have trouble filling their positions quickly.

There are, however, ways that parents can make their part-time positions more appealing and attractive to qualified  caregivers.

Think in terms of wage requirements. Part-time nannies typically earn more per hour than full-time nannies since benefits and job security are rarely offered. By slightly upping your hourly rate you may be able to meet the full-time wage requirements for a caregiver you wish to hire part-time.

Transition the position to that of a nanny/household manager or nanny/housekeeper. Perhaps the salary requirement isn’t the issue; you simply don’t want to pay for hours that aren’t worked. If you require 30 hours of childcare, but the nanny requires the position to have at least 40, consider how you could use the 10 hours that separate you. Perhaps your nanny can take on household duties and responsibilities like grocery shopping, cooking dinner or running errands or maybe she’ll be willing to double as your housekeeper. If you reduce the hourly rate but increase the hours, you may be able to match the nanny’s salary requirements.

Share a nanny. Do you have a friend who could use a little help caring for the kids? Perhaps you utilize the nanny for the 25 hours of childcare you need and your friend or neighbor uses and pays for the other 15. When sharing a nanny, you may be able to come up full-time hours and full-time pay, making it a win-win for the nanny.

Break the Job into Base and Flex Hours. In addition to your set schedule, consider banking the additional hours to be used as flextime. With those additional hours per week, you won’t have to worry about working late, getting help during bedtime or finding a sitter for date night.

Consider the costs of summer care, sick care and school vacation care. If you’re children are in school and you work, you’re going to need someone to provide care when school is closed, your children are mildly ill and during school breaks. Instead of paying a premium for those services, see if you can stretch your nanny’s schedule and pay to cover 52 weeks of full-time care.  

Hire a Morningside Nannies caregiver. Morningside Nannies has a pool of prescreened and qualified caregivers ready to provide care when you need it most. With our part-time and temporary nannies you only pay for hours you need coverage and for the services you require.

Before writing off the need for a full-time household staff member, reconsider your family’s care needs and budget. In some instances, hiring one full-time employee can be more cost-effective than outsourcing services to a variety of home care and childcare providers.

Whether you’re in the market for childcare or household help, give a Morningside Nannies placement specialist a call today at (713) 526-3989 to find a customized solution to your home and family care needs.


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