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I am delighted with the outcome, and enjoyed the process.Dr. Rick Smalley, Professor Rice University, Nobel Peace Prize Honoree
Quality of applicants was way above what we had hoped for. Thoroughly enjoyed working with your agency – we will highly recommend you to friends.Kim McMillan
We’ve placed ads in newspapers on two occasions and have gone through an Au Pair program twice. This has been our best experience by far!James Wilt, Houston Symphony
Morningside Nannies only sent me nannies that fit my needs. I felt that I wasn’t sent the resume of everyone on file.Jodie MacCrory, IBM
The quality of candidates was very good. It was a difficult decision but Amy has proven to be a wonderful choice. We could not have found a better person. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a nanny.Sonia Breathwit, Business Owner
I trust Morningside Nannies & their research into their nannies more than any of the other seven agencies we talked with. The checks are reliable and the quality of nannies was superb. The process of finding a nanny was handled quite professionally.Dr. Kim Burgess, Pediatrician
I have used two other agencies, both were difficult to work with and did not live up to their promises and Morningside Nannies did.Dr. Susan Streusand
We used two other services and an online service. Morningside Nannies had the most highly qualified candidates, one of whom we selected.Dr. M
Compared to other agencies Morningside presented a higher caliber of candidate.Phyllis Epps, Law Professor
The first person you recommended met my needs perfectly.Carolyn Goodrich, Stay at home mom

How to Create a Craft Closet

How-to-Create-a-Craft-ClosetMost nannies love to do crafts with kids, but having craft stuff scattered around the house makes it hard to get started. From crayons in the toy box to wrapping paper in the attic, finding everything you need to do crafts can be frustrating if you don’t have a centralized crafting area. That is where a craft closet comes in handy. You do not need to make a whole room into a crafting space to have an organized and useful place to store your craft goods. Consider asking your employer if a broom closet or other small storage space can be converted into a craft closet for the kids..

Once you’ve got the approval to create a space, here are some tips for creating and maintaining a craft closet:

1. Organization

First things first. Organization is the key to making your craft closet work. Tossing in a bunch of craft goods just won’t work. It is not any better than having them scattered throughout the house. Instead, invest in bins, shelves and other organizational storage units to make the most of your small space. Make sure you have a place for everything so that you can find it easily when you need it.

2. Visibility

Another aspect of crafting is inspiration. You can use things you have left over from other projects to create something new. But if you can’t see what you have, how will you ever use it? Make things visible in your craft closet by using clear storage solutions. Bins with clear doors, wire racks and open hangers all allow you to see what you have on hand so you can use and be inspired by it.

3. Access

Kid and adult friendly access is paramount to a successful craft closet. For kid crafts like coloring and finger-paints you may want to keep these items low enough for them to reach. Potentially dangerous items like scissors and needles should be kept on higher shelves that only adults can access. That way you feel safe sending your child to retrieve something from the craft closet for their own craft adventures. Having easy to open bins and easy to access shelves also helps to keep craft goods on hand when you need them. From paper to bags to ribbon, your craft closet should be easy to access.

4. Easy Clean Up

When your craft closet is organized it’s easier to clean up. Another aspect of this is labeling. Having labeled areas for each type of craft good makes it easier for them to be properly put away. Items like butcher paper and newspaper should also be stored with your craft goods to make cleaning up after messy crafts like glitter easier. Laying out a few layers of paper can make cleaning up a snap and help make crafting less stressful and more fun.

5. Workspace

Last but not least is a workspace. Although you might not have an entire room devoted to crafting your craft closet can be a space to work in too. A fold down table can easily be placed up out of the way and gotten out for craft projects in a snap. Even tables meant to fold laundry are great additions to a craft closet and make it even more usable and craft friendly.

Making a craft closet doesn’t have to be a big deal. You probably have almost everything you need already. If you don’t, consider asking your employer for a small budget to stock up on supplies. Setting aside a special craft area can help you make the most of your crafting time together and cut back on time spent searching for crafting supplies.

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We’ve placed ads in newspapers on two occasions and have gone through an Au Pair program twice. This has been our best experience by far!James Wilt, Houston Symphony
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