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Indera is just wonderful. She is always happy and clearly loves her job. She is kind and fun and as for the practicalities, she is always on time and very flexible.
Mrs Carter

5 Challenges Parents Face During Their Nanny Search

1. Finding Trustworthy Candidates

Morningside Nannies conducts thorough background checks, interviews, and reference checks on all applicants. We accept 2-3% of nannies who apply.

2. Ensuring Compatibility with Family Values

Morningside Nannies learns your family values, expectations, and childcare philosophies during the interview process. We make fit a priority and conduct personality assessments and interviews that help us really know each candidate.

3. Balancing Cost and Quality

Morningside Nannies helps parents understand how experience, qualifications, duties, responsibilities, and work history impacts wage expectations ensuring parents define budget constraints and prioritize essential qualities in a nanny.

4. Securing Reliable and Consistent Care

Morningside Nannies helps parents establish clear expectations regarding work hours, schedules, and availability during the hiring process. We ensure all candidates understand the job, the duties, and the responsibilities and that they agree to all, prior to sending them for your consideration.

5. Navigating Legal and Contractual Matters

Morningside Nannies partners with nanny tax and payroll firms to ensure you are compliant from the start. We provide resources to help you draft a comprehensive nanny contract outlining terms of employment, responsibilities, compensation, benefits, and termination policies.

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