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As a new mom I was nervous about hiring a nanny, but now I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve sung your praises to everyone I know.
Tarala Rybacki

Benefits of Nanny Care

All children in childcare deserve to have a caring, warm and responsive caregiver who provides a loving and nurturing environment.

Consistent Care

When children receive one-on-one care, the interactions they have with a trusted caregiver helps give them the sense of self-worth and security needed to confidently explore their world and how they fit into it. When a child develops a healthy relationship with a consistent caregiver, it helps to create a stress-free environment where the child thrives.

How children function as they grow into adulthood hinges on the experiences they have during the first few years of their lives. If children are raised by caring and attentive adults and are in a safe, stable and predictable environment, experts tell us that they are more likely to do better in school and in other crucial areas of life.

Brain development during the first years of a child’s life is very rapid and is vulnerable to environmental influence. During the formative years, both positive and negative influences may have a lifelong effect on children.

Customized Care

A nanny is hired by parents to provide customized, personalized and attentive care to the couple’s children in the family’s private home. Nannies meet the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of the children in their care.
Nannies do more than entertain the children; they engage them by providing age-appropriate activities to enjoy together. On a typical day with his nanny, your child may enjoy a walk to the park, a play date with group of similarly aged friends, a nutritious lunch, a few stories and a restful afternoon nap. These types of intentional interactions increase language and social skills, provide an opportunity for children to safely explore their environments and build the foundation for self-discipline.

Unlike in a daycare setting where caregivers must focus on all the needs of all the children, a nanny is only concerned with your children. Since nannies care for children in their own homes, they aren’t exposed to the myriad of germs and infectious diseases found in daycare settings, which means fewer trips to the doctor’s office and fewer prescriptions of antibiotics.

Convenient Care

Since a nanny is your employee, you establish the framework for your employment relationship. Not only do you get to handpick your child’s caregiver, you set the hours, the salary package and standards of care you wish upheld. Unlike in a daycare center where your child has to adapt to the rules and regimens of the program, you can work with your nanny to establish the care environment and daily schedule that best meets your child’s needs.

Having to get yourself out of house on time can be a battle, never mind having to get the children up, ready and out the door for daycare. Since your nanny comes to your home, she can arrive well before you need to leave for work, allowing you and your children to get ready and enjoy a stress-free start to the day.

And if you’re running a few minutes late, there is no need to pay your nanny an astronomical per minute late fee – a simple phone call stating that you are on your wall will due. Nannies understand that and flexibility on the job is required.

While daycares have strict requirements regarding sending mildly ill children to their centers, nannies are accustomed to caring for mildly ill children, which means you don’t have to worry about finding back-up care or calling out of work sick.

And speaking of sickness, while children cared for by nannies have many social opportunities, nannies can limit a child’s exposure to sick children, therefore limiting his germ exposure. A child cared for by a nanny at home will get sick less often than a child who is cared for by a variety of teachers at a daycare center. Unlike at daycare centers where children are at constant risk of being exposed to illnesses carried by the other children they are around, a nanny can limit the child’s exposure to sick children, which will reduce the likelihood of him getting sick.

Cost Effective Care

While some parents write-off hiring a nanny believing it’s an option that isn’t affordable, the truth is when parents have more than one child requiring childcare or work untraditional hours, nanny care can be more cost-effective than daycare. In addition to not having to pay premiums and fees for early and late care, parents pay per family, not per slot.

Parents who pay their nannies legally and in compliance with tax law are also eligible for significant tax savings and credits. Parents who have access to Dependent Care Accounts through their employers can also qualify for substantial childcare savings.


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