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The quality of candidates was very good. It was a difficult decision but Amy has proven to be a wonderful choice. We could not have found a better person. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a nanny.
Sonia Breathwit, Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

With 20 years in the nanny business we’ve gotten asked a lot of questions. Here you’ll find the questions we get asked most frequently along with their answers. If you have a question please call us at (713) 526-3989 and one of our placement specialists will gladly answer it.


How do you find your nannies?

For nearly 30 years, Morningside Nannies has been helping to meet the needs of families in the Houston area. As an award winning nanny placement agency, we’ve developed a reputation for matching the best nannies with the best families. Many of our nanny applicants come to us through referrals from other caregivers and previous clients. Many of our nannies have been placed by us in the past and have returned for their next placement. Like most businesses, we also actively recruit qualified candidates through our marketing campaigns.


Can we hire a nanny for just the summer months?

For many parents of school-aged children, the summer months can present a childcare challenge.

At Morningside Nannies, nannies are available to provide care during the summer months. During the summer months, the pool of qualified nanny applicants traditionally swells as many college students studying early childhood education and elementary school teachers seek seasonal employment as a summer nanny.

Summer nannies can help create a memorable and enjoyable summer for your children. From hanging out at the pool, to playing soccer in the backyard, nannies can help keep kids active and engaged during the summer months.  Summer nannies can take children on age-appropriate outings, like to the Moody Gardens or the zoo, and are even available to travel with you on your family’s summer vacation, if you wish to have a mini vacation of your own after the sun goes down and the kids are in bed.

Summer nannies can also help kids retain what they learned throughout the school year and even help prepare them to enter the next grade level come fall.


Why don’t you offer a free replacement policy for part-time and live-in nannies?

It is rare to find experienced and well referenced nannies to fill part-time and live-in positions. The hardest positions for us to fill are live-in positions and positions that require afterschool care only. Because we can’t promise to find an appropriate replacement in a timely manner to fill these vacancies, and like with any industry, part-time turnover is higher, we are unable to commit to offering a free replacement. We do offer parents the option to purchase our one year replacement policy on part-time hires.

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