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A Guide to Living in Pearland

The Gulf region city of Pearland’s growth from a population of 37,640 in 2000 to 91,252 in 2010 earned it the title of fifteenth fastest-growing city in the United States compared to other cities of 10,000 people or more in 2000, the third-largest city in the Houston Metropolitan Area and the second fastest-growing city in Texas.

Major Attractions

Pearland is widely recognized as the top-rated retail market in Texas, with a strong retail sector providing residents and vacationing visitors with first-class dining and high-end shopping opportunities. Local attractions include the Battleship Texas State Historic Site, the Houston Police Officers Memorial and Williams Waterwall. Pearland also hosts a variety of festivals each year, including Zoo Lights, Houston Hot Sauce Festival, Bayou City Art Festival Downtown and the Original Greek Festival.


The majority of Pearland’s residents commute into Houston to work at the Texas Medical center or other major employers in the city. However, there are a significant number of residents who work within Pearland. The City of Pearland and the Pearland Independent School District employ a relatively high percentage of the populace, along with Wal-Mart, Home Depot and the Target Corporation.

The St. Paul, Minnesota-based Cardiovascular Systems, Incorporated manufactures and develops devices that treat cardiovascular disease in Pearland, catering largely to the nearby Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Third Coast Chemicals, located at 1871 Mykawa Road in Pearland, provides outsourced execution of marketing and sales strategies for the petrochemical industry, including marketing executions, customer service, logistical efficiency maximization and investment recovery.

Progressive Fiberglass Fabricators, Incorporated, a company specializing in both standard and unique fabrication, is located at 3149 Harkey Road in Pearland. Custom industrial and commercial fabrication, including mold building for custom pieces, are among the services offered by Progressive Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc.

Kemlon, a manufacturing company located at 1424 North Main Street in Pearland, is another major employer in the area specializing in the manufacture of high quality electrical connectors, probes and sensors for hostile environments. Products manufactured by Kemlon are most often used in oil and gas, military, aerospace, medical, nuclear, marine, communications and refrigeration applications. The company also solicits orders for completely customized products, including hermetic seals and sensors.

Churches and Places of Worship

First Presbyterian Church, located at 2930 East Broadway in Pearland, welcomes visitors with open arms and provides religious instruction based upon the tenets of Presbyterian doctrine to children, teens and adults. First Presbyterian also offers Mother’s Day Out programs on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 AM and 2 PM for kids from eighteen months to preschool age.

St. Helen Catholic Church offers a wide variety of youth and children’s ministry programs, along with community outreach and traditional church services. Parishioners are invited to participate in a number of church-sanctioned activities. The St. Helen Catholic Church also includes the St. Helen Catholic School, a private school that emphasizes spirituality in addition to traditional education.

Epiphany Lutheran Church, located at 5515 West Broadway in Pearland, houses a congregation of 1,400 members. Between the Pearland church and the sister campus in Missouri City, Epiphany Lutheran Church hosts four services and works together on a variety of community outreach and volunteer programs.

First Baptist Church Pearland is located at 9005 Pearland Parkway and emphasizes a culture of community service in conjunction with teaching and worship. Ministries include Senior Adult, Teachable Hearts Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, REAL Men Outdoors, Emerge Student Ministry, Children’s Ministry and Silent Witness Deaf Ministry. The First Baptist Pearland community also includes the Eagle Heights Christian Academy and Trinity Oaks Senior Living Community.


The Pearland Independent School District serves the majority of Pearland, along with the city of Brookside Village and unincorporated areas in Brazoria county, including Silverlake. The district is comprised of an elementary school, a middle school, junior high and two separate high schools. There are also a number of private school options in Pearland.

Montessori School of Downtown is located at 2121 Grand Boulevard in Pearland and caters to children in preschool through first grade. The student to teacher ratio of this small school is 11:1, with six-hour classes held 181 days out of the year.

Pearland Heritage Christian Academy, located at 12005 County Road 59 in Pearland, offers preschool through second grade classes at a student to teacher ratio of 11.7:1.

Offering classes to children from preschool through eighth grade, the Carden-Jackson School is located at 3801 Liberty Drive in Pearland. Classes last for seven hours each day, and are held 180 days out of each year. Student to teacher ratios at Carden-Jackson School are 6.6:1, which is 30.5% lower than the national average for private schools.

Eagle Heights Christian Academy serves children from preschool through eleventh grade, emphasizing a traditional education based solidly upon Baptist doctrine. The co-ed environment is home to approximately 200 students, with a student to teacher ratio of 7.8:1.

Standardized Test Scores

Students in Pearland between eleventh and third grades attending classes within the Pearland Independent School District’s public schools consistently scored well above the state standard on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills in 2011. In no area were the students in Pearland below the state average.

Childcare Options

While there are a large number of daycare centers in Pearland, both faith-based and non-sectarian, we understand that many parents prefer the flexibility and one-on-one attention that only a private, in-home caregiver can provide. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our services to families in the Pearland area, supplying experienced and exceptional nannies that have been carefully screened and matched specifically to the unique needs of your individual family.


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