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Employing a Nanny


How can I ensure that a nanny will stay with our family for a long time?

Very rarely does a nanny leave her position as a result as an issue with the children. Most nanny and family relationships end because either the family has outgrown the need for the nanny or an issue arises between the parents and the nanny that remains unresolved.

One of the several benefits of employing a nanny is to provide consistent high quality care for your child. Having a mutually agreed upon written contract can help to ensure both you and your nanny have a clear understanding of the roles, duties, responsibilities and expectation of both parties. Adhering to that agreement is essential for the longevity of a healthy working relationship.

Open and honest communication can also help to ensure that the relationship stays on the right path. Parents should foster an environment where communication is encouraged. Parents and nannies should have a weekly check-in meeting and a review at the six month and one year mark.

Showing your appreciation is also important. Salary increases and bonuses are always appreciated. It is appropriate to give a salary increase and if another child joins your family or if the nanny’s duties increase. A salary increase and bonus should also be considered on the completion of each year of service. Holiday and birthday gifts from your family to your nanny are also appreciated. If your nanny is doing a good job you want her to know.


I have just hired a new nanny, should I install a nanny cam?

Nanny cams are designed to deter abuse, not to capture it.

Legally, if you’d like to install a nanny cam in your home it’s up to you.  Do note, however, that there are restrictions on audio recordings and where the cameras can be placed. Never put a camera in the nanny’s bedroom or in a bathroom where it is reasonable to expect total privacy.

Although it may be legal to secretly videotape your nanny, it doesn’t seem respectful or ethical.

We suggest to parents that they discuss installing a nanny cam with their nanny ahead of time. Most nannies will not object to being videotaped. They will, however, object to being videotaped without their consent.

We suggest to nannies that they always behave professionally and always to work under the assumption that cameras are in the home, whether they are told about them or not.

We encourage parents to drop in on their caregiver unexpectedly, to keep in contact with their caregiver throughout the day and to ask others, such as moms in your child’s playgroup, how they view your nanny and child’s interactions.

The bottom line is if you hire a trusted caregiver you shouldn’t feel the need to spy on them. If you do, you should reconsider your hiring choice.


What should I expect to pay my nanny?

Most nannies who register with Morningside Nannies command a wage of $22.00 to $28.00 per hour when caring for one or two children.

Nannies set their own wage ranges based on their experience, education and past earnings. Higher wages may indicate formal child care training, a degree in early childhood education or a long-term employment history. Other factors that affect salary include the nanny’s schedule, duties and the number of children that will be in her care.


Do I need to provide benefits and health insurance for my nanny?

Legally nanny employers do not have to provide benefits or health insurance; however most nannies require paid vacation time, paid personal or sick days and partial or full contributions to their health insurance premiums. Nannies who already have health insurance through a spouse may not require coverage.

Nannies are paid 52 weeks per year, whether or not you require their services. When nannies are available to come to work, but you provide them with time off, they are still entitled to be paid.


How can I know how my child is doing while in the nanny’s care?

It is important to keep informed about your child’s daily activities. Many nannies keep journals or logs and document the activities of the day. Having a daily check-in call or email during or just before naptime is another way to stay connected and informed. With today’s technology parents and nannies can video chat in an instant.

Parents and nannies can also set aside time each week to discuss how things are going. Doing so provides an opportunity for parents and nannies to discuss issues and concerns and questions. The meeting should always include positive comments and information sharing on a more personal level.

Your nanny will understand that you care about her as an individual if you ask how she is personally and show interest and concern regarding her family. If she understands that you care about her she will enjoy working for you and her loyalty and enthusiasm for her position within your family will be strong.

If you do hold scheduled meetings, please be considerate of the nanny’s time by coming home early on those days or paying her for overtime if you meet outside of her normal working hours.


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