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A Guide to Living in Pasadena

The second-largest city in Harris County and the seventeenth most populous city in the state of Texas, Pasadena boasted 149,043 residents at the time of the 2010 U.S. Census and the nation’s largest all-volunteer municipal fire department. The climate is typically mild in winter, with high heat and humidity during the summer months. Pasadena’s total area is 44.5 square miles, with frontage on Galveston Bay at the extreme southeastern end of the city.

Major Attractions

In addition to the Galveston Bay, Pasadena houses a variety of attractions and activities for both the vacationing visitor and residents alike. Museums include the Pasadena Historical Museum, the Armand Bayou Nature Center and the Bay Area museum. The Pasadena Philharmonic provides orchestral entertainment, while a community theater satisfies those with an affection for the stage. Each year, Pasadena also hosts the Strawberry Festival, which drew 56,000 visitors in 2008. The East Harris County Activity Center, Bay Area Community Center and Clear Lake Water Front are also located in Pasadena, along with forty-seven parks, five swimming pools and twenty-one ball fields.


The economy of Pasadena is largely built around petroleum, oil and gasoline, with a variety of refineries and drilling operations in the immediate area. Maritime shipping and healthcare industries also employ a significant number of Pasadena residents.

Pinnacle Industries, a supplier of ancillary equipment, air compressors, vacuum pumps and generators is located at 407 Eagle Avenue in Pasadena, and provides equipment to a variety of wastewater management, dry bulk handling, chemical processing, dairy and food industry clients.

The corporate headquarters for Ventech Engineers International LLC is located at 1149 Ellsworth Drive in Pasadena, and offers construction, procurement and engineering services for industries related to petroleum refinement. Relocating process unites and refineries is Ventech’s specialty, along with designing and constructing modular refineries.

Lyondell Basell Industries, at 5761 Underwood Road in Pasadena, is a leading producer of polypropylene and polypropylene compounds and technology licenses and catalysts for polyolefin production.

Celanese Chemicals, a major producer of everything from paint to food and beverage additives, is also located in Pasadena at 9502 Bayport Boulevard. As a global corporation with an extremely diverse product offering, Celanese maintains corporate headquarters in Dallas but is a major employer in Pasadena, as well.

Churches and Places of Worship

First United Methodist Church Pasadena, at 1062 Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena greets newcomers to their Visitor Center with a welcome bag as a token of appreciation, stresses a relaxed dress code that welcomes jeans or more formal wear, and a full complement of community outreach programs.

Richey Street Baptist Church, at 1010 Richey Street in Pasadena, provides a mission statement that reads, “Sounding forth the word… Calling one and all to worship God as our Lord and Savior through fellowship, witnessing, ministering and discipling people for the kingdom of God.” Typical morning services last approximately one hour, with nursery and childcare services provided during that time for children from birth to age three.

First Presbyterian Church of Pasadena encourages visitors to attend in whatever clothes make them feel comfortable, and assures visiting parents that their little ones will be safe and entertained in the nursery. Children’s, Youth, Adult, Women’s, Early Childhood, Men’s and Music Ministries are among the programs offered by First Presbyterian Church of Pasadena, which is located at 4647 Preston Avenue.

St. Pius V Church, at 824 Main Street in Pasadena, provides Catholic spiritual services and programs that include Choir, Youth Ministries and traditional services. St. Pius also offers private Catholic education through the St. Pius V Catholic School.


While most Pasadena schools fall under the purview of the Pasadena Independent School District, some eastern areas are served by the Deer Park Independent School District, while the clear Creek Independent School District and La Porte Independent School Districts cover some sections of the southernmost reaches.

The Children’s University, located at 1407 Blackburn Drive in Pasadena, offers pre-kindergarten and transitional kindergarten classes, with 260 four-hour school days throughout the year. The student to teacher ratio at The Children’s University, a non-denominational Christian school, is 1.3:1.

Apostolic Christian Academy is a small private school with a Pentecostal Christian affiliation, serving children from first grade through senior year. Located at 2630 Genoa Road in Pasadena, the Apostolic Christian Academy’s student to teacher ratio is 7:1.

Pueblos Royal Christian School, at 1600 Pasadena Boulevard, offers non-denominational Christian private education to students from preschool throughout high school The student to teacher ratio is 4.7:1, with a total of 61 co-ed students on campus.

Parents seeking a Montessori-based early education for their preschoolers, kindergarteners and transitional first graders often opt to enroll their little ones at Star Montessori, a private early education center with no religious affiliation and an emphasis on Montessori-style learning. Star Montessori School is located at 3868 Space Center Boulevard, and has a student to teacher ratio of 8.6:1.

Standardized Test Scores

The Pasadena Independent School District’s 2011 Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills scores were on par or very slightly below the state standard for grades nine through eleven, with eighth graders averaging significantly higher scores in math and reading than their statewide peers. In no area or grade were tests significantly below the state average.

Childcare Options

There are a wealth of childcare options out there, including faith-based preschools and care centers, secular private preschools, large-scale center-based care and small home childcare centers. Because we understand that this wide array of choices can be a bit overwhelming, we’re proud to offer our services to families in the Pasadena area. Our nannies are subjected to exhaustive screening processes before acceptance, including criminal background checks and past employment verification. You can rest assured that any one of our childcare providers is competent and experienced, allowing you to streamline the process of seeking out childcare dramatically.


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