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Youth Sports Leagues in Houston

Youth-Sports-Leagues-in-HoustonThere are several sound reasons to get your child involved in playing organized sports. Physical activity is just one of them, though it is an important reason. Due to the draw of computer games and high-tech toys, it’s not always easy to convince kids to move away from a sedentary lifestyle in favor of one more active. The modern child may spend more time browsing the Internet and using social media sites than playing actively, which is where participation in organized sports can prove to be a useful tool. Kids who play sports learn the benefits of physical activity and are urged to participate in a group activity, learning valuable life lessons along the way.

Getting kids involved in sports leagues not only gets them up and moving, but also teaches them how to work and play with others. Practicing discipline is a major plus to playing and participating in a youth sports league. Kids can learn how to be a good team member, along with developing leadership skills. They can also learn all about goal-setting and creative problem solving. Communication skills can increase as kids learn to work with their teammates to achieve a common goal.  Lifelong friendships can be born and nurtured both on and off the playing fields.

Houston has plenty of opportunities for youth in sports. There are a wide variety of leagues available for kids to join. If you just want your child to be active and have fun while learning a sport, those types of leagues are available. It’s not always about winning, either. In fact, some leagues are designed for kids to just have fun and be able to safely and fully participate in a team sport without concerns of wins or losses. These are a few of the sports leagues for kids that can be found in the Houston area.

1. i9 sports

This franchise for youth sports caters to kids as young as three years old up to seventeen years of age. Coaches are certified, and a strong emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship. Kids will learn new skills weekly at i9 sports. Opportunities to be a part of a league and participate in camps and programs are available to young members. Everything about i9 sports is designed to help your child be successful, whether playing a sport or just going about daily activities. Positive reinforcements are provided for developing skills like listening, fair play and best efforts. Sports offered include flag football, soccer, basketball and baseball.

2. Houston Parks and Recreation Department

The youth leagues offered by the Parks and Rec Department provide free fun for the kids. You don’t have to pay for the expert coaching, uniforms or any of the equipment. Your kids will have a safe, well-supervised playing environment. The youth sports professionals have lots of experience, and assistance is provided by volunteers and staff. Your kids can participate in any of the programs offered including aquatics, baseball, golf, tennis, track and field or soccer.

3. YMCA Youth Sports

Family involvement is encouraged with YMCA youth leagues. Healthy competition which emphasizes teamwork and participation over winning is at the core of the youth program at the Y. Many coaches are parents volunteering their time. Get involved with your child’s league by becoming a team parent. Kids are welcome to join the team for baseball, T-ball, basketball, NFL flag football, soccer, softball, swimming or volleyball.

4. Little League Baseball

Get your kids started in one of the world’s favorite sports. Little League baseball and softball are sports that are truly played worldwide. Little League has been around for decades, teaching kids the beloved sport of baseball, helping them learn to be disciplined, teaching them teamwork and helping them attain a high level of physical fitness. Your kids can take part in this organization and be part of a worldwide network of players. There are several leagues in the Houston area in which you can get your child involved.

5. The Houston Youth Sports Association

Kids from as young as four years old up to age eighteen can take advantage of the Houston Youth Sports Association. This non-profit organization specifically helps kids who have challenges accessing other sports leagues. The leagues associated with HYSA include cheerleading, baseball and T-ball, basketball, softball, tennis and soccer.

6. West Houston Christian Sports Association

Many churches are associated with WHCSA, a league that helps kids build their skills through compassionate competition. Available sports include softball and baseball, volleyball, golf, soccer and tennis. Though many of these leagues are based in a local church, they are open to all the kids in the community. You child will not need to get a physical to play in a WHCSA league. Players and parents are expected to abide by the code of ethics and behavior guidelines set forth by the league.


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