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2023 Nanny Employer Gift and Holiday Bonus Guide

Providing a holiday gift and/or holiday bonus for your nanny is a thoughtful way to show appreciation for her hard work and dedication to your family.

While parents are under no obligation to provide a gift or bonus to their nanny, doing so has become industry standard.

In fact, many nanny employers factor providing a year-end bonus or holiday gift into their childcare budget and even include reference to an annual bonus in their written work agreement with their nanny as a performance incentive.

How Much to Give?

Typically speaking, nannies receive a holiday bonus equivalent to one to two week’s wages.

Things like experience, how long a nanny has been with the family, geographical location, and what a family can truly afford may influence how much a bonus is.

This amount typically increases the longer a nanny has been with a family, with long-term nannies receiving as much as what is equivalent to one month’s of wages.

For nannies who are new to a family, calculating one day’s pay for each month of employment is a standard approach to determining how much to give.

Tax Implications

While parents and nannies may be familiar with the idea of year end bonuses, many are not aware that the annual bonus counts as taxable income, so be sure to consider your tax and payroll responsibilities when providing a bonus.

Alternative Ways to Show Appreciation

For families who are seeking a non-cash way to show appreciation to their nannies or wish to provide a gift in addition to a bonus, here are some nanny centric ideas:

  • Something handmade by the children. A photo frame with a photo of the nanny and children included.
  • A subscription to Nanny Magazine at NannyMag.com.
  • Membership in the International Nanny Association at Nanny.org.
  • Nanny Training at NannyTraining.com.
  • Nanny merch from NannyTees.com.
  • A day at a local spa for self care with a paid day off.
  • A monthly subscription box that suits her interests or a monthly floral delivery.

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