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Best Walking Trails in Houston

Best-Walking-Trails-in-HoustonThe great state of Texas may never have been part of the United States, had it not been for one man – Sam Houston. The city of Houston, Texas is the fourth largest in the United States. Spanning 634 square miles, Houston is home to a number of large parks and natural areas, which provide the ideal setting for trail walkers. So if you want to take in the sights and sounds of all that Houston’s natural landscape has to offer, take the time to visit these parks and attractions for some of the most spectacular walking trails in Texas.

Memorial Park

A 1,503-acre park and home to the Seymour Lieberman Trail, Memorial Park in Houston is one of the most beautifully historical sites in the city. Treetop ravines provide a spectacular view of the park, where safety is always paramount. The trail is ideal for hikers, couples and families alike. Currently, the city of Houston is working on improving trail conditions to extend access to other areas of the park.

Houston’s Hermann Park

With construction underway on the Centennial Gardens, Hermann Park provides the ideal setting for a walking trail. The park is home to over 8,000 trees, and there is an ongoing conservation program in place, aimed at further reforestation. Take a rest with many of the events on offer, including the Hermann Park “Art in the Park,” “Evening in the Park” and “Hats in the Park” events.

Glenwood Cemetery

Houston is home to some incredible historical locations, including the Glenwood Cemetery. The cemetery offers visitors a unique walking trail experience, steeped in Houston history and architecture. Going back to the 19th century, visitors will have the chance to see headstones and monuments spanning over centuries. The rolling landscape is the only one of its kind in Houston, and the breathtaking views keep visitors coming back again and again.

Buffalo Bayou

One hundred and twenty-four acres of beautiful country park are at your disposal when you visit Buffalo Bayou. The walks are long and hilly, but you will not regret your visit to the park when you take in the breathtaking views. There is a full trail map available for the park, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost if you prefer solo adventures. For more information on the park, pick up a guide from the Houston Visitors center or search online.

Houston Arboretum

For true nature lovers, the Houston Arboretum is a must-visit location. Organized bike, children’s and nature programs are available throughout the year. If you prefer to go it alone, the trails are all clearly marked out so you can plan your route in the way that suits you best. There are also a number of classes offered by staff members at the Houston Arboretum, which you can sign up for online or at the visitor’s center upon arrival.

Brazos Bend – Red Buckeye Trail

Red Buckeye Trail is one of Houston’s best. With paths cutting right through nature’s backyard, but without disturbing the local wildlife’s habitats, the trail is an adventure that you’ll not experience anywhere else. Lakes, rivers and grazing deer are just some of the sights you will see, so make sure to take a camera along to capture the memories.

Galveston State Park

Bird watchers, butterfly enthusiasts and campers alike will get a real kick out of Galveston State Park. Once you get settled in, get ready for a hike of a lifetime through the bayside salt marsh and prairie. There are plenty of other activities to keep you occupied, too, including kayaking, swimming, fishing and much more. Galveston State Park is open daily to visitors and campers, with prices starting from $15 – $35 per night for campers.

Sam Houston National Forest

Sam Houston was the man primarily responsible for bring Texas into the United States, so if you’re taking a walking trail in the Houston area it would be almost rude not to visit his forest namesake. The Sam Houston National Forest offers a number of trails for hikers, cyclists and motorcyclists. The main trail is one hundred and twenty-nine miles long, so make sure you are well stocked with water, food and necessary hiking supplies. All segments of the trail are easily accessible, but because the trail is aimed at hikers who want a truly natural experience, there are no restroom or stop facilities along the way. Sam Houston National Park is a challenging trail, but it’s well worth the effort for the unique scenery, spectacular views and rich history.


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