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We made you work and you did! I was extremely picky! Thanks.Dr. Cheryl Caragnano, Pediatrician
I liked the fact that you screened the candidates before sending them to us, rather than sending the candidate to me before I knew anything about them, like happened with (name withheld), your competition.Name Withheld
Morningside Nannies blew the others away!Myron Morris, O.R. Business Manager and Dr. Audrey Winer, Pediatrician
Morningside was by far the best as compared to the other services we used!Dr. Michael O'Reilly and Dr. Valerae Lewis
The first person you recommended met my needs perfectly.Carolyn Goodrich, Stay at home mom
We used two other services and an online service. Morningside Nannies had the most highly qualified candidates, one of whom we selected.Dr. M
I trust Morningside Nannies & their research into their nannies more than any of the other seven agencies we talked with. The checks are reliable and the quality of nannies was superb. The process of finding a nanny was handled quite professionally.Dr. Kim Burgess, Pediatrician
Morningside Nannies was outstanding. The process was stress free and the caliber of applicants was far superior to that of other agencies. Morningside Nannies was thorough in their review and timely presentation of candidates.Susan Sherman, CPA
The quality of candidates was very good. It was a difficult decision but Amy has proven to be a wonderful choice. We could not have found a better person. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a nanny.Sonia Breathwit, Business Owner
Quality of applicants was way above what we had hoped for. Thoroughly enjoyed working with your agency – we will highly recommend you to friends.Kim McMillan

10 Places to Play Youth Sports in Houston

10placesyouthsportshoustonThe city of Houston has a long-standing tradition of supporting sports and athletic activities. Indeed, a love of sports is something of a Texas pastime altogether. Because youth sports are such a great way to encourage physical activity in kids and to prevent childhood obesity, parents across the city are eager to get their kids involved in team sports. If you’re among those parents who hopes to instill a love of competitive sports in your children, these are ten of the can’t-miss opportunities in and around the city of Houston.

1. YMCA Houston

Martial arts, soccer, football and baseball are just some of the sports available for kids at the YMCA Houston. The kids get a practice session once a week, with a game taking place every weekend. Each program is priced differently, so if you’re interested you need to apply to the program for further details. However, a program membership costs $30 dollars a year and comes with inclusion to all YMCA programs.

2. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

If your kids are bouncing off the walls, perhaps it’s time to introduce them to trampoline tournaments. Sky Zone hosts non-competitive trampoline competitions for over 13 year olds, with lots of prizes up for grabs. Entry costs $13 per person. Also on the cards is the 3-D Dodgeball contest; combining classic dodgeball and trampoline in a test of skill, coordination and timing.

3. Houston Parks and Recreation Department

There are plenty of sports available through the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, in coordination with local community centers. An expert team of sports professionals are on hand to offer coaching, support and structured competition. Soccer, softball and aquatic sports are some of the choices available to kids in the Houston area.

4. K2 Academy of Kid’s Sports

This is a great place for kids to learn sports, discipline and other important life-skills. There is gymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling on offer, as well as day and summer camp programs. What’s more, parents aren’t left out in the cold. There are frequent parents’ nights with the staff, just to give you the break you need.

5. Fearshire Paintball

Ready, take aim, fire! Fearshire Paintball is a great place to introduce your kids to the growing sport of paintballing. The company operates out of Fearshire Farms, which has two expansive areas dedicated exclusively to paintballing competitions and team-building events. Referees are on hand at all times to ensure that your kids have a fun but safe experience.

6. Georgetown Challenge Course

The focus here is on team and group events. Rock climbing, rappelling and assault courses will help kids learn cooperation and how to achieve goals. The course is challenging, but with a team of expert trainers and coaches on hand, your kids are sure to have a blast. Make sure to book early to avoid missing out on a spot.

7. Races2U

While your kids are actually only racing miniature cars at Races2U, the sport is both mentally and physically challenging. The company has invested a lot of time and money to create an experience that is as close to the real thing as you’re going to get, while safely standing on solid ground. If your kids really get into slot-car racing, Races2U can even design a track for your home.

8. Team Tooke

Mixed martial arts is considered the fastest growing sport in the world. Team Tooke provides excellent services for your kids, including kid’s grappling, summer camps and after school events. Your kids can learn skills across a wide-range of martial arts disciplines, as well as picking up some valuable life skills, too.

9. Houston Youth Football

It’s all about the kids at Houston Youth Football. With innovative programs, sponsorship from the NFL, and top quality summer camps, your kids are in safe hands. Every year the camps grow in numbers, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for your kids to compete with the best in the state. For a real chance at a career in the big leagues, make sure to sign them up for the Houston Youth Football program.

10. Houston Wild Hockey Club

This volunteer organization aims to provide a platform for youth hockey in the Houston area. All coaches are fully certified, so your kids get nothing but the best training. Team ages are not strict, and are solely determined by skill level in many respects. The youngest team is represented by the squirt minors, while the oldest team is the 18Us. The organization has a full practice schedule, which is always available on their main website.

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I liked the fact that you screened the candidates before sending them to us, rather than sending the candidate to me before I knew anything about them, like happened with (name withheld), your competition.Name Withheld
I have used two other agencies, both were difficult to work with and did not live up to their promises and Morningside Nannies did.Dr. Susan Streusand