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How to Monitor Your Nanny

When you leave your child in the care of another, whether it’s at a daycare center or home with a qualified nanny, it’s only natural to be concerned about the quality of care that they receive while you are away.

At Morningside Nannies, we strive to educate parents on the importance of continually monitoring the quality of care that their children receive. When parents take an active role in monitoring their children’s care, everyone benefits. Parents are reassured that their children are well cared for, nannies are empowered to discuss problems and concerns, which can create a better work environment, and children benefit from having their nanny held accountable to higher standards.

At Morningside Nannies we encourage parents to:

Stop home unexpectedly.

Head home early or take lunch at home. Stop in when your nanny isn’t expecting to you and you’ll get a glimpse into what really goes on what you’re not at home.

Insist on a daily log.

Have your nanny keep a journal that outlines how your child spent his day. In addition to writing about his mood, his appetite and his bathroom patterns it provides an opportunity for the nanny to document any injuries or to leave you notes.

Have daily check-in.

Whether it’s a short phone call during nap or a text or email before your nanny and child head out on an adventure, having a set time to check-in each day can provide an opportunity for you to connect with your nanny and child and ask questions about their day.

Debrief their nanny at the end of the day.

Walking in the door to a child who wants to hug you and a nanny who wants to hit the road can make for a chaotic scene. Even if you have to come home five minutes early each night, make time to talk to your nanny at the end of the day. Those few minutes together can provide insight into how the day went.

Observe the environment.

When you come home notice if computer or television is on, if your nanny is on the floor playing with your child or if the kids are sitting nicely coloring at the table. Look for signs that point to how your nanny and child have been spending their time.

Monitor the health and safety of their children.

Keep track of accidents and injuries. Sure children will get hurt, but when injuries become too common, your nanny should be questioned about them.

Have a weekly or bi-weekly meeting.

Setting up a time to talk without the kids can provide an opportunity to get and give feedback.  Meetings provide a chance to air grievances, share praise or brainstorm ways to solve problems.

Hold periodic reviews.

Having written performance evaluations gives you a concrete way to track and monitor your nanny’s job performance.  Formal reviews are typically held every three, six or twelve months.

Update background checks.

When you renew your work agreement, make it a point to update your nanny’s background check. Run a new criminal background check, review her driving record and check out her social media sites so that you can make an educated and informed decision about continuing your employment agreement.

Disclose the use of video surveillance.

Nanny cams should be used to deter, not capture abuse. If you plan to use nanny cams to monitor your nanny, state so in your work agreement. Qualified nannies typically don’t mind being recorded. They do mind, however, being recorded without their consent.

One of the best things parents can do to ensure that their children receive quality care is to hire a qualified nanny. Morningside Nannies only represents the most qualified nannies and since 1992 has been matching the best nannies with the best Houston area families. If you’re searing for a nanny or want to update your nanny’s background check, call a Morningside Nannies placement specialist today at (713) 526-3989. We’re here to help you find and keep the right nanny for your family.


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