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During our search for our current nanny I used several well-known services in Houston. I found that Morningside Nannies had the highest- quality applicants in town.Dr. Katherine Tiwari
Morningside Nannies was outstanding. The process was stress free and the caliber of applicants was far superior to that of other agencies. Morningside Nannies was thorough in their review and timely presentation of candidates.Susan Sherman, CPA
I described the person I wanted and that’s what you found for me. Thank you.Penny Featherston, NorAm Energy
I had an emergency situation and had a nanny sent over for the following day. I am so pleased with the service provided by Morningside Nannies. My son immediately fell in love with the nanny assigned to us. We couldn’t be happier.A. Porter
Thank you so much. I would recommend your company to absolutely everyone in need of help. You always asked questions to ensure proper performance.Cynthia Cisneros, Television News Personality
Compared to other agencies Morningside presented a higher caliber of candidate.Phyllis Epps, Law Professor
Originally, I tried to find a nanny on my own and it took me much, much longer and only half of them spoke English. I had to do my own background checks. Morningside Nannies made it much easier, faster and more efficient.Holly Weinstock, Stay at home mom
I am delighted with the outcome, and enjoyed the process.Dr. Rick Smalley, Professor Rice University, Nobel Peace Prize Honoree
We made you work and you did! I was extremely picky! Thanks.Dr. Cheryl Caragnano, Pediatrician
Morningside Nannies blew the others away!Myron Morris, O.R. Business Manager and Dr. Audrey Winer, Pediatrician

What it Takes to Succeed as a Nanny


Childcare providers who work as nannies for any length of time are motivated by more than a paycheck. While qualified, experienced nannies can certainly earn excellent wages, those who work as nannies typically don’t do so for the money. To succeed as a nanny, a caregiver must be in it for more than a paycheck.

Unlike daycare workers or other types of childcare providers, nannies work in the family’s private home under the direct employ of the children’s parents. This sets the stage for an employment arrangement that is deeply rooted in close working relationships.  For nannies to succeed in their work they must be successful in developing and maintaining a solid relationship with both their employers and their charges. Nannies who succeed in their work typically have a pleasant disposition, are easy to get along with and to be around, are solid communicators and are respectful of their employers role as both boss and parent of their charges.

Since nannies work largely unsupervised for most of the day, successful nannies take pride in their work and are intrinsically motivated. Since there is no one there to pat them on the back for a job well done day in and day out, knowing that they’ve done their job well must be rewarding in and of itself. Nannies must also be self-starters and be willing to take initiative. For their charges well-being and safety, they must have good judgment, recognize when there is a need and be ready to meet that needs, without always being directed to do so.


Working in a private home provides little opportunity for adult interaction and socialization. For nannies who don’t seek opportunities to make friends with caregivers and parents of similar ages of the children in their care isolation can be a real problem. Successful nannies seek out opportunities to attend and host playdates, to attend mommy and me type classes and to visit the local library and parks to make connections and foster friendships that both they and their charges develop.

Unlike with daycares that close at a set time each day, a nanny’s day doesn’t end until the parents return home to relieve her. To be a successful nanny, a caregiver must be willing to be flexible. Parents may get caught up in a medical case or meeting, delaying their departure from work or may hit traffic or an accident on the road which will cause them to run late. While having a set schedule is important, successful nannies are willing to accommodate the parents work schedule, when necessary.

Nannies play an important role in the lives of the families for whom they work. They have a great opportunity to invest in their charges and make a real positive contribution to their lives. For many successful nannies, this is a huge motivating factor for working as a nanny. Nannies and children form an intimate and lasting bond which often extends far beyond the years of a nanny’s employment. Knowing that she’s made a difference in the life of a child is one of the most rewarding and motivating aspects of being a nanny and providing the best childcare possible.

Morningside Nannies only works with the most qualified and well referenced nannies in the Houston area. If you’re seeking a childcare professional, contact a placement specialist  at (713) 526-3989 to begin your nanny search.

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During our search for our current nanny I used several well-known services in Houston. I found that Morningside Nannies had the highest- quality applicants in town.Dr. Katherine Tiwari
Morningside Nannies only sent me nannies that fit my needs. I felt that I wasn’t sent the resume of everyone on file.Jodie MacCrory, IBM
We used two other services and an online service. Morningside Nannies had the most highly qualified candidates, one of whom we selected.Dr. M
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Morningside was by far the best as compared to the other services we used!Dr. Michael O'Reilly and Dr. Valerae Lewis
I liked the fact that you screened the candidates before sending them to us, rather than sending the candidate to me before I knew anything about them, like happened with (name withheld), your competition.Name Withheld
I have used two other agencies, both were difficult to work with and did not live up to their promises and Morningside Nannies did.Dr. Susan Streusand
We made you work and you did! I was extremely picky! Thanks.Dr. Cheryl Caragnano, Pediatrician
The first person you recommended met my needs perfectly.Carolyn Goodrich, Stay at home mom
In a time crunch you provided me with two excellent applicants within hours!Dr. Anita Tonking