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Baylor University

Founded in 1845, Baylor University is a private Christian institution situated on a 1,000-acre campus. The 2013 edition of Best Colleges ranks Baylor University at number 77 among National Universities in the nation. The student body donates 12,000 hours each semester to service projects, including Urban Missions, Global Missions and organizations like Be The Change. First-year students are required to live on campus and take a semester of Chapel, attending Monday and Wednesday worship services each week. Each day at noon, the campus gathers for a collective prayer session, with free ice cream floats distributed each week during “Dr. Pepper Hour.” Because Waco, Texas is the home of both Baylor University and the legendary Dr. Pepper soft drink brand, Dr. Pepper plays a significant role in the campus and local culture.

As the only private school in the NCAA Division I Big 12 Conference, Baylor boasts a very strong athletics program with an emphasis on football. The Baylor campus also celebrates its very own holiday each year, Diadeloso, when classes are canceled in order to allow students the chance to attend free concerts and a block party or to participate in various athletic tournaments.

School colors

The Baylor University official school colors are green and gold.

Theme Song

The original lyrics to the Baylor University alma mater were humorous ones written by a group of students led by William B. Todd. Because Mrs. Enid Eastland Markham, the wife of music professor Robert Markham, felt that the original lyrics were not dignified enough to represent the university as a whole, she wrote her own version and presented it at chapel. Soon thereafter it was the officially sanctioned school song.

“That good old Baylor line!

That good old Baylor line!

We’ll march forever down the year,

As long as stars shall shine.

We’ll fling our green and gold afar

To light the ways of time,

And guide us as we onward go;

That good old Baylor line!”


Because the American black bear is the Baylor University school mascot, there are two live bears housed on the Baylor campus. Officially named Judge Joy Reynolds and Judge Sue Sloan, they’re commonly called “Joy” and “Lady” by students and faculty members. The bears live in a facility that includes a waterfall, three pools, grass and two dens that’s licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture as Class C Zoo, and was formally dedicated in October of 2005.

Student Statistics

Of the 15,029 students enrolled at Baylor University, 58% of them are female, with the remaining 42% comprised of male students. The acceptance rate is 47.8%, with 16,315 of the 34,145 applicants for the 2010 to 2011 school year being accepted. Average SAT scores for Baylor University students fall between 540 and 650 for Verbal sections, 570 and 670 for Math and 530 to 640 for Writing.

Early Childhood Programs

In addition to a recognized special education program training students to become teachers of children with special needs, Baylor University also offers a Child and Family Studies program that focuses on the development of the family unit and children as they grow. Graduates of Baylor with a focus in Child and Family Studies are encouraged to pursue careers as child life specialists, child care teachers, event planners, early childhood interventionists, family advocates, family support specialists, pre-kindergarten or Head Start teachers, special needs coordinators or youth and children’s ministers.

Contact Information

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Nanny Recruiting

Due to Baylor University’s sterling reputation for faith-based instruction, high levels of student community service and a strong history of academic excellence, we are committed to actively recruiting qualified students to act as childcare providers. We will carefully match the preferences, parenting philosophies and disciplinary styles you specify to those held by a pool of prospective caregivers from Baylor University to ensure the best possible fit for your household. Because you’ll be entrusting the care of your children and your home to a Baylor University student, we’re also deeply committed to ensuring that a full background check is part of our scrupulous screening process.

Nanny Screening

Should you choose to select your own Baylor University student to engage as a private, in-home childcare provider, we will still carefully screen them in order to verify their employment history, comb their background for any criminal offenses or moving violations, and to ensure that your children are in safe and capable hands. We understand that the wellbeing of your children is your absolute highest priority, which is why we take every possible step to make sure that any childcare provider from Baylor University placed in your home has been thoroughly screened and vetted before reporting to the first day on the job in your home.

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