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Houston Baptist University

A private institution founded in 1960 in order to establish a liberal arts university in Houston with a Christian doctrine dedicated to helping students develop moral character, enriching their spiritual lives and emphasizing Christian ideals, Houston Baptist University is ranked number 54 in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges’ Regional University’s (West) list. Promoting a biblical worldview, Houston Baptist University’s vision for higher education is built upon the tenets set forth by “Ten Pillars: Faith and Reason in a Great City.” More than 40 undergraduate programs are offered to students, along with 11 graduate areas through the Schools of Business, Education, and Nursing and Allied Health, the University’s College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Science and Mathematics, Honors College, and Graduate School.

Houston Baptist University is a member of the NCAA Division I after a transition from the NAIA during the 2007-08 school year. Programs for men include basketball, baseball, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, cross country, golf and soccer. Women’s athletic teams include volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer, outdoor track and field, indoor track and field, cross-country and golf. Houston Baptist University’s athletic department boasts a graduation rate among student athletes of 80%.

School Colors

The school colors, blue and orange, were selected by Houston Baptist University’s founders before the first classes began, and play a large role in most aspects of campus life.

Theme Song

Houston Baptist boasts the HBU Fight Song, and an Alma Mater entitled Hail the Orange and Blue. The HBU Fight Song, written by Dr. Robert L. Parker:

“Get Up and Go, You Mighty Huskies

Get up and go, you mighty Huskies

Give it a fight for HBU.

Whenever the goin’ is rough and things are tough,

Don’t give up the fight.

Shoulder the load, hold to the road,

Pull with all your might.

Get up and go, you mighty Huskies

Give it a hail for orange and blue.

Get ready to meet the test, show your best

Drive until you’ve made History, with victory

You’ll win for HBU.”

The Houston Baptist University Alma Mater, penned by Dr. W.H. Hinton and Dr. Don Looser:

“Hail the Orange and Blue

In the great state of Texas,

Houston, USA,

Stands our noble Alma Mater,

Christ saying I am the Way.

In our search for knowledge,

Tempered with Thy love,

Seeking our place of service,

With wisdom from above.

Give us courage, strength and faith,

To face a world filled with fear.

Ever onward to the challenge,

Knowing Thou art near.


God bless our school.

Keep her safe and true.

God bless our Alma Mater.

Hail the Orange and Blue.”


Students voted to adopt “Huskies” as the name for a new mascot in 1965, bringing an Alaskan Malamute named Toby to live on campus the next year. During the summer of 1968, Toby was kidnapped and replaced by the Coreons fraternity with a Samoyed named Buttons. From 1969 until his death in 1982, a Husky named Mingo acted as the beloved mascot. Houston Baptist didn’t replace Mingo until 1995, with Mingo II. In 1999 the university was gifted its first husky, Wikiza, who remained official mascot until the “determined warrior” passed. Wikiza II, a Siberian husky, is the current mascot.

Student Statistics

Of the 2,564 total students attending Houston Baptist University, 34% are male and 66% are female. The student-to-faculty ration is 20:1, with an estimated 71% of students returning after their first year.

Early Childhood Programs

The School of Education and Behavioral Sciences at Houston Baptist University is recognized for its field-based instructional approach and backed by the respected psychology program. Local schools actively seek out Houston Baptist School of Education and Behavioral Sciences graduates, recognizing them to be among the best trained in their fields. Masters of Education degrees, along with standard certification in educational administration, counselor education, educational diagnostician, reading specialist and bilingual education, are offered by The School of Education and Behavioral sciences. In compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act, The School of Education and Behavioral Sciences at Houston Baptist University also offers an Alternative Certification Program, which allows students with a Bachelor’s degree who meets all requirements for admission to the Alternative Certification Program to be employed as full-time educators in area schools while completing their required coursework.

Contact Information

7502 Fondren Road
Houston, TX 77074-3298
(281) 649-3000

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Nanny Recruiting

Because of Houston Baptist’s strong dedication to morality and an honor-based code of ethics, we actively seek out qualified and interested students of the university to act as private, in-home childcare providers. We carefully compare the traits, accomplishments and qualifications of each student to the needs and desires of your individual household to ensure the best possible fit.

Nanny Screening

We realize that trusting a relative stranger to care for your children and your home in your absence can be unsettling. That’s why we carefully screen each of our applicants in order to verify employment history, ensure that there’s no criminal record or a history of moving violations and check against the National Sex Offender Registry to make sure that we only match you with safe, reliable childcare providers. We’ll also provide these same screening services for any nanny candidate you select on your own, even if you haven’t used our placement service.

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