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I trust Morningside Nannies & their research into their nannies more than any of the other seven agencies we talked with. The checks are reliable and the quality of nannies was superb. The process of finding a nanny was handled quite professionally.
Dr. Kim Burgess, Pediatrician

Houston Community College

Houston Community College is a network comprised of six postsecondary community colleges in the greater Houston area. Though each of these six institutions is able to operate autonomously to a degree, they are connected as a result of various consolidations and mergers in the district over several decades of development. Students attending one of the six Houston Community Colleges can choose from a variety of associate’s degrees, terminal degrees and certificates, or can complete the first two years of general coursework requirements in preparation for a subsequent transfer to a four-year school. There are also a selection of continuing education courses, non-degree options, corporate training and community education programs handled by the system.

Because the mission of Houston Community Colleges is to ensure that the broadest possible audience receive a postsecondary education, the admissions policy is open and has very few absolute requirements for acceptance. They do require testing and competency evaluations, while admissions tests may be comprised of high school equivalency tests, English language aptitude and readiness exams mandated by the state of Texas. Campuses affiliated with the Houston Community College Network include HCC Central College, HCC Coleman College for Health Sciences, HCC Northeast College, HCC Northwest College, HCC Southeast College and HCC Southwest College.

School Colors

Because the Houston Community College network has no officially-sanctioned sports teams for the entire network, there are no dedicated school colors. The logo for the Houston Community College system is black and yellow, however, and the variety of intramural teams at each individual campus do have their own colors for uniform purposes.

Theme Song

The Houston Community College is a network of several campuses, with no official school song dedicated to group. Among the many activities, student organizations and clubs at each campus are a selection of choirs and singing groups, however. Music education and related programs at each campus may also hold performances throughout the school year.


 While there is no dedicated mascot for the Houston Community College network due to their lack of a consolidated sports program, the logo does feature a soaring eagle. Individual schools within the network do offer a variety of intramural sports for recreational purposes, but do not participate in collegiate sports on a national level. Most teams compete in the Lonestar College Sports Club Conference and NIRSA Region IV under their own mascot and team logo.

Student Statistics

The combined total of students attending classes within the Houston Community College network of institutions is 60,303. Men make up 41% of the total students, 59% of which are female students. 79.5% of the student body is pursuing general studies, with the remaining number of students working towards certification in Nursing, Business Administration and Management, Business/Office or Drafting and Design.

Early Childhood Programs

Fields of study available to students in the Houston Community College network with a professional application in the childcare and development industry include certification as a Childcare Provider/Assistant, certification or an associate’s degree in Childcare and Support Services Management, an associate’s or certification in Child Development, an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching, an associate’s in Family and Consumer Sciences, an associate’s degree in Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching, certification or an associate’s degree in Mental and Social Health Services and Allied Professions, and an associate’s in Teacher Education.

Contact Information

Houston Community College System
3100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 718-2000 local
(877) 422-6111 toll-free

Official Website

Nanny Recruiting

Because the Houston Community College network is comprised of six campuses across the metropolitan Houston area, we’re committed to actively recruiting interested and qualified students all over the city to work as private childcare providers. We’ll carefully match each student’s scheduling availability, parenting philosophies and disciplinary styles with the unique needs and demands of your individual household.

Nanny Screening

Entrusting your children, home and personal belongings into the care of an employee who is essentially a stranger can be a very unsettling proposition, something that we understand thoroughly. That’s why we have a commitment to the careful, thorough screening of each individual applicant before placement or assignment with a family. Our comprehensive screening process includes a full criminal background check, investigation of driving records to look for moving violations or driving related offenses, verification of an applicant’s employment history and checking against the National Sex Offender Registry to ensure that any childcare provider you engage is the safest and most qualified choice for your family. We also offer our screening services for clients that have chosen their own nannies through avenues other than our placement service, meaning that you can still have access to the peace of mind that comes with hiring a candidate that’s been thoroughly vetted, no matter what methods you use to recruit candidates.

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