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University of St. Thomas

Named after St. Thomas Aquinas, University of St. Thomas is a private Catholic liberal arts university founded by Basilian Fathers in 1947. The University has the distinction of being the only Catholic university in the Archdioceses of Galveston-Houston, and has established itself as a venerable Houston landmark over time. The University of St. Thomas is north of the Museum Districts in the Neartown area, and its offices are largely comprised of repurposed 1930’s-era homes, some of which are historic landmarks themselves. Link-Lee House, which was once the largest home in all of Houston, currently houses the executive office, while the Theology department has set up shop in Hughes House, the childhood home of Howard Hughes.

The Chapel of St. Basil serves as the primary place of worship on the University of St. Thomas campus and is categorized as a satellite chapel of St. Anne’s Catholic Church by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. The structure has received numerous awards for its architectural design, and is named after a fourth-century bishop, St. Basil the Great, who advocated both the monastic life and education.

School Colors

  University of St. Thomas’ colors are red and gold, with a corresponding seal bearing the words “crescamus in Christo.”

Theme Song

While there are a variety of music education programs and performances held regularly on campus, there is no official Alma Mater song of University of St. Thomas.


In 2007, The University of St. Thomas selected a new mascot to reflect the changes that have led the mascot name to evolve from the Saints, to the Fightin’ Celts, which later became simply known as the Celts. To represent the Celts, they chose a lion adapted from the Scottish royal coat of arms. According to the University’s president Robert Ivany, “the mascot logo will complement our University brand of the shining star and the official University seal.”

Student Statistics

A population of 1,750 traditional undergraduate students and 1,496 graduate students is maintained by the University of St. Thomas, a total that does not take into account the number of non-traditional, study-abroad, off campus and seminary students. An estimated 54% of the students are of African-American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander or Native American descent. The United States Department of Education has recognized the University of St. Thomas as the only private Hispanic-serving institution of higher education in Houston due to the fact that they’ve maintained a student body made up of at least 25% Hispanic students. Of the enrolled students, 65% are of the Catholic faith.

Early Childhood Programs

The University of St. Thomas offers undergraduate Education, Music Education, and Psychology programs, along with a Master of Education program that emphasize working directly with children. There are also post-graduate certification programs in place for hopeful school counselors, educational diagnosticians, principals and reading specialists. Hybrid master’s degree programs allow students to complete their master’s through a mixture of traditional, face-to-face classes and online instruction. The University of St. Thomas School of Education is approved by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, and holds memberships in the Teacher Education Accreditation Council and the American Association of Colleges for Teachers.

Contact Information

University of St. Thomas
3800 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006-4696
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Nanny Recruiting

The strong culture of morality and an ethical code of honor, along with the prestigious education programs, make University of St. Thomas a great source for student childcare providers. Because of this, we actively recruit among the student body. We also understand that class schedules will affect each applicant’s availability, which is why we carefully match the schedule of each student childcare provider against potential matches in order to ensure that scheduling conflicts arise as seldom as possible. We also take your parenting style, disciplinary philosophies and individual household needs into account when we match your family with a childcare provider to ensure the most successful match possible. This decreases the chances of premature turnover, creating an environment that fosters a positive working relationship with minimal disputes.

Nanny Screening

Leaving your children, home and personal belongings in someone else’s hands, especially those of a relative stranger, can be a scary prospect. That’s why we carefully screen each individual applicant with an exhaustive process that includes prior employment verification, criminal background searches and combing through driving records to uncover any driving-related offenses or moving violations. We also check the National Sex Offender Registry, offering you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your childcare provider has been screened thoroughly. We’ll also extend our comprehensive screening and background services to clients that have selected a nanny through other avenues; even if your childcare provider wasn’t recommended by us, we’ll make sure that they’re a safe and reliable choice to care for your children and look after your home in your absence.

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