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Back to School Organization Tips


Now that you’ve transitioned into the back to school routine, you’ve probably been faced with dealing with the enormous amount of stuff that comes home from school each day. From important papers that need to be returned to school, to your child’s latest art class masterpiece, sorting, organizing and displaying all that comes homes may prove to be a bit of challenge.

But fear not! The next time you empty out your child’s backpack, put these 5 tips to the test to make dealing with school stuff more manageable.

1. Give your child a home/school folder.

Pick up a two pocket folder or recycle one from your own office supplies. Plastic ones will work better than paper as they are more durable. Write your child’s name on the front. Label one inside pocket “home” and the other pocket “school.” Have your child put anything that comes home from school on the home side. Put anything that needs to go back on the school side. Keep this folder in your child’s backpack so it travels back and forth from home to school with him.

2. Put up some twine.

Take a piece of twine and hang it across a wall in the living room. Add clothes pins to the twine. As your child brings artwork home, proudly display it by hanging it up on the twine. As new pieces come in and you take older ones off, be choosey about the ones you opt to hold on to. Snap a photo with your digital camera of the rest, and at the end of the year compile and print out a photo book of your child’s artwork.

3. Hang some hooks.

No one wants to have a before school scavenger hunt. The entry way can be the perfect place to hang a few hooks to store jackets and backpacks. Be sure to have your child load up her backpack each evening once she is finished her homework with what is needed for the next day. Add a basket by the door to store shoes. Keeping everything together in a set place can make getting out the door in the morning a cinch.

4. Keep important things handy.

Your child’s school calendar. Emergency school contacts. Your child’s specials schedule that reminds you which day is gym. Laminate these and add them to a three ring binder that is easy to access. Take photos of these documents with your phone so they’re always handy.

5. Select your storage space.

Have a set place to keep your child’s lunch box, instrument and library books. Dedicate a storage spot to anything that comes home and goes back to school with your child so you’re not left searching for something as you’re heading out the door.

Taking a systematic approach to managing what comes home and goes back to school can help to keep clutter and disorganization at bay. Putting together a plan for organizing school stuff can help you to track what’s going on at school and ensure both you and the kids can find what you need when you need it most.


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