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Is Working for a Stay-at-Home Mom Right for You?

mothrenannyathomeAt Morningside Nannies we place nannies with all types of Houston based families. While many of our clients are couples who both work outside the home, we also place nannies in homes with stay-at-home moms.

At Morningside Nannies, we believe that for a placement to be successful, it’s important for the right nanny to be placed in the right job with the right family. When considering working for a stay-at-home mom, a nanny must consider if doing so would be personally and professionally fulfilling.

In our experience, nannies who successfully work and enjoy working for a stay-at-home mom have five main traits.

Nannies who work successfully for stay-at-home moms are good team players.

They enjoy sharing the childcare responsibilities and don’t mind what they’re doing as long as they’re working in partnership with their teammate to meet their goal of providing high quality childcare and creating a healthy, positive environment for the child. These nannies are willing to toss in the laundry or get dinner going, depending on the family’s needs.

Nannies who work successfully with stay-at-home moms don’t feel compelled to be in a full-charge nanny role.

Nannies who work for stay-at-home moms are happy to take daily direction from the child’s mom and don’t feel the need to be in control while they are on duty. These nannies are happy to take the lead when it is warranted or sit back and let mom be in charge, depending on what the situation requires.

Nannies who work successfully with stay-at-home moms work well in situations that require flexibility.

Since both the nanny and the mom will be working together, dynamics can dictate the day’s plans and who is doing what, when with regards to providing care.

Nannies who work successfully with stay-at-home moms don’t mind transitions.

Unlike working for a mom who works outside the home and will come and go once each day, a stay-at-home mom may come in and out multiple times during the day, which can bring distractions or disruptions to what the nanny and child are doing. Nannies who work for stay-at-home moms must welcome unpredictable interactions, even if it means refocusing the child on an activity after mom comes in to say hi.

Nannies who work successfully with stay-at-home moms must be easy to work with.

Nannies who have strong personalities or opinions must be willing to adapt to their employer’s parenting style and work effectively with her personality. Nannies who are pleasant and have a positive attitude do well working with stay-at-home moms.

Even the best nanny won’t be the right nanny for every family and every family situation. Before considering a position with a stay-at-home mom, nannies must evaluate if they’ll enjoy working closely and sharing the childcare responsibilities while on duty with their employer.

If you’re seeking a new position in the Houston area, contact a Morningside Nannies placement specialist at (713) 526-3989 to learn about our current job opportunities.


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