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Morningside Nannies only sent me nannies that fit my needs. I felt that I wasn’t sent the resume of everyone on file.
Jodie MacCrory, IBM

Dear Nannies…

Dear Nannies,

We have heard from so many of you over the past few weeks and we’re so proud of the work you are doing and the way you are managing through this storm.

We often see the meme circling around that says, “Behind every sane family is a spectacular nanny.” In the midst of this pandemic, that couldn’t be more true.

While many doctors, nurses, essential employees, and frontline workers head into the eye of the storm, their nannies are on the frontlines behind them, caring for their children and their homes. From reassuring children who are confused about the events of the world, to kissing boo-boos and playing school, it’s the nannies who are meeting the needs of the children so that the parents can meet the needs of everyone else.

These past weeks have brought job changes, tough conversations, and hard decisions. They’ve brought information overload, conflicting advice, and a host of emotions that you’ve had to sort through in real time. We applaud you for navigating these challenges times and showing up when you are needed most.

For some nannies these times have brought unexpected time off, furlough, and unemployment. For you, we encourage you to use this time to build your resume, increase your knowledge by enrolling in training (there are many free classes available), and prepare yourself to come out on top when this pandemic passes.

For other nannies, the times have brought an unexpected transition to a live-in role, more hours, and additional duties. For you, we encourage you to keep the lines of communication open with your employers and to take care of yourself so that you too, can take care of others.

While we have some trying times ahead, we are grateful for the service you provide. It’s your strength, encouragement, and presence that brings some of our youngest citizens peace while their parents are in the eye of the storm.


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Quality of applicants was way above what we had hoped for. Thoroughly enjoyed working with your agency – we will highly recommend you to friends.
Kim McMillan