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10 Family Friendly Churches in Houston

10kidfriendlychurcheshoustonA house of worship should be a place where you go to find peace and comfort, learn something about the Word of God and fellowship with other believers. It shouldn’t necessarily be a place that stresses you out, gets you dirty looks and requires that your kids be excluded from services or cloistered in a crowded nursery. When you have children, finding a church that accepts kids and doesn’t mind them staying with their parents during the service is pretty important. Attending a service where kids are welcome and teens feel engaged makes all the difference in a family’s spiritual development. These are ten of the most family friendly places of worship in the Houston area.

1. St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

The core values of this house of worship center around the Christian faith, worship, discipleship, ministry, stewardship and fellowship. St. Martin’s believes in welcoming both individuals and families who wish to have an opportunity to be a part of a faith community and share in Christian fellowship. School aged kids from sixth grade up will enjoy belonging to one of the Key Groups and getting involved in student ministry designed for their particular grade.

2. The Vineyard Church

The Vineyard began back in 1975 with a group of students from the University of Houston. Located in the heart of the Heights, this church embraces diversity and focuses on building community that “draws people from all cultures and generations into an authentic, intimate and supernatural life with Jesus Christ.” The Vineyard believes in nurturing a creative children’s community and teaches them about God in age appropriate ways. They have programs for every stage of a child’s life, so you know your children will be brought up in the faith you hold dear.

3. St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church

Children are welcome in the worship service at St. Luke’s. For your convenience, however, they also have child care available. They have family friendly events throughout the year and they welcome you to get involved with church life by sharing your gifts and talents.

4. First Presbyterian

This family friendly church is dedicated to helping parents and kids grow strong in their faith. They have lots of opportunities or families to grow in faith all week long, not just on Sundays. Children’s programs are designed for every stage of a child’s growth to help them develop a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Families are encouraged to worship, pray and study together for spiritual growth and development.

5. Houston’s First Baptist Church

Notonly do the people at Houston’s First Baptist Church believe in welcoming families into the fold, they also have a special program called Thru the Roof which is a Special Needs Ministry, reaching out to families with members that have children or adults with special needs. From the earliest age, children at Houston’s First Baptist Church learn about the Lord as they are guided through Bible studies beginning with simple stories and songs. You can expect your family to engage in a total ministry to kids and parents at this church.

6. Grace United Church of Christ

This all inclusive church has a Special Children’s Ministry that takes place after the Youth Moment in the worship service. Kids attend Children’s Church and learn about the Lord in a setting that’s geared for fun and spiritual education. Your family will feel loved and accepted at this warm and affirming church as they are committed to living out the love of Christ.

7. St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church

The family-focused Religious Education Program at St. Cyril of Alexandria helps parents learn that they are the key in their children’s religious development. Christian values are formed in this family-centered program and classes are offered for families with kids from three years old to fifth graders.

8. Ecclesia

Families are encouraged to worship with their children at this church. They can participate in ways that are comfortable for them. Children can have a part in story, art worship and prayer with parents and other members. At Ecclesia, children are believed to already be part of the larger church community and therefore are encouraged to interact in worship service in ways they feel comfortable.

9. Houston Mennonite Church

If you prefer small, child friendly churches consider the Houston Mennonite Church. This progressive faith community is very down-to-earth and there are plenty of children. Come celebrate joy, peace and love at this friendly church.

10. Higher Dimension Church

If your family members prefer the larger more energetic churches, you may want to look into Higher Dimension. This mega-church has ministries that serve all family members. Their mission is “To share Christ with unbelievers, develop believers into disciples and transform disciples into leaders.” They also teach children that God made each one, loves each one and that Jesus wants to be a forever-friend.


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