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10 Great Bakeries for Birthday Cakes in Houston

bakeriesYour little one’s special day only comes around once a year, which is why it’s so important to commemorate the occasion in style. There is an endless array of variations on the traditional birthday party theme, but almost all of them still prominently feature the birthday cake as the centerpiece of the festivities. These ten bakeries in the Houston area are known for their expertise in all things cake, and are sure to deliver in a big way for the big day.

1.Take the Cake

Take the Cake is a small batch bakery in Houston that never bakes more than eight cakes at a time, which means that every morsel is given the attention and dedication it deserves. Only the freshest ingredients are used, and each birthday cake is painstakingly decorated to meet your custom theme beautifully.

2. Carrie Made the Cake

Founded by a graduate of Art Institute of Houston’s culinary program and an attendee of workshops at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, Carrie Made the Cake is a bakery that not only focuses on turning out beautifully decorated cakes, but also delicious ones in distinctive flavors like Cookies & Cream, Strawberries & Cream and Tres Leches.

3. Kiss the Cook Cakes

Billed as the creators of “edible works of art” in The Woodlands, Kiss the Cook Cakes are impressively detailed and always unique. From whimsical themes to more sophisticated ones for a discerning teenager’s party, Kiss the Cook definitely offers something for everyone.

4. Sparrow Cake

Sparrow Cakes are detailed and creatively executed, and are made fresh to order each and every time. No matter what your chosen theme or the preferences of your pint-sized guests, you’re sure to find the perfect cake for the occasion at Sparrow Cake. If skipping the traditional sheet cake in favor of intricately decorated, trendy cupcakes is more your speed, Sparrow Cake also offers reasonable pricing for individual celebratory desserts.

5. Julies Cakes

With a client roster that boasts names as big as Cher, Tom Cruise, Goldie Hawn, Clint Black and Solange Knowles along with awards from the L.A. Times, Vogue and the Houston Chronicle, Julies Cakes is no stranger to custom work. No matter what your little one is in to, the staff at Julies will find a way to integrate those interests into an expertly decorated and designed, custom birthday cake.

6. How Sweet It Is! Bakery

Since the cakes at How Sweet it Is! are always made to order, it’s easy to further customized your breathtaking piece of culinary art with your child’s favorite flavors to celebrate his special day. These cakes also turn out looking like the stars of their own reality baking show competitions, so you never have to worry about the aesthetic quality of dessert.

7. Who Made The Cake? Bakery

Widely known as one of Houston’s premiere destinations for high-end, extravagantly decorated cakes, Who Made the Cake is helmed by Nadine Moon and has received The Knot’s Best of Weddings award for seven consecutive years. If you have a roomy budget and a desire to take your kids’ birthday cakes to the next level, Ms. Moon is the person to see.

8. Rustika Cafe & Bakery

Rustika Cafe serves Mexican and European-themed cuisine in their restaurant, also with catering services for large parties and a bakery that specializes in children’s birthday cakes, wedding cakes and desserts for special occasions. The decorating is impeccable, and the cakes themselves delicious.

9. Showcakes Houston

If you’re looking for a cake that makes such a big impression it’s practically an addition to the guest list, your search has finally ended. Showcakes Houston offers a wide range of cakes and desserts, each more meticulously decorated than the last.

10. Virginia’s Cakes and More

Glowing testimonials from newlyweds and the parents of happy guests of honor flood Virginia’s Cakes, making it one of the most celebrates Special occasion destinations in the area.

While almost all bakeries will have stock options available when it comes to cake decor themes, it’s wise to approach the bakery you ultimately choose a few weeks before the big event to nail down your order. This is especially important if you’re planning to order a completely customized cake that will require a bit of design time and tweaking. The earlier you begin working with a bakery, the better idea the staff there will have of exactly what you’re looking for and the best way to meet or exceed those expectations.


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I am delighted with the outcome, and enjoyed the process.
Dr. Rick Smalley, Professor Rice University, Nobel Peace Prize Honoree