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10 of the Best Indoor Playspaces for Kids in Houston

top10indoorplayWhen rain falls or the temperature soars, you’re not necessarily doomed to a long day of dealing with restless, cooped-up kids. Houston has much to offer in the way of indoor fun for the younger set.  Indoor parks and play areas make it easy for you and your kids to be comfortable while enjoying quality time spent together or with friends. Many of these places are also suitable for parties, so you won’t have to worry about difficult weather ruining an important event.

1. Monkey Bizness

Kids that can’t get out of the house are likely to drive you bananas, so why not let them work off some of that energy at Monkey Bizness where they get to bounce around play structures, bounce in balls and climb the walls? They also have games and interactive inflatables, along with a special section for toddlers so they can enjoy themselves without being overrun by the big kids.

2. Planet Wow

Since 2005, Planet Wow has been providing fun for field trips, parties, family events and more. They have inflatable games, two large arenas for playing and two different party rooms. One of their outstanding features is their ability to serve private parties without mingling them with other partiers. If you’re considering the idea of planning a party at home but would rather not do all the work, consider hosting it at Planet Wow. No worries about weather, set-up or clean-up, just bring the kids and have fun.

3. Zuma Fun Center

This activity center gets high marks as a place for fun. For older kids who need something to keep them busy, the indoor arcade is just the ticket. You can make a day of it by eating at the family-style restaurant. As the day cools off, or the rain stops, you can always go outside and enjoy the rides and outdoor attractions including go-carting, bumper boats and the batting cages.

4. Chuck E. Cheese’s

One place that’s been going for decades and still entertains kids while also keeping them fed is Chuck E. Cheese’s. You can sign up on their website to receive special offers. Parents and caregivers will also appreciate the hand-stamped security system they have in place to make sure that kids walk out with the same people they came in with. Most kids really enjoy Chuck E. Cheese’s, but some toddlers may get a little spooked by the large animatronic entertainers.

5. A Bunch of Fun Play Center

This indoor center boasts play areas and a learning center as well. You will find a playhouse, slides, sand box and other entertaining things to keep your little ones occupied. Don’t worry about lunch or snacks, because they also have a snack bar. Adults can entertain themselves with free Wi-Fi, and your pre-school aged child can benefit from the Preschool Prep class as she learns to develop skills in socialization and other important milestones.

6. BounceU

If your children love bouncing around on inflatables, check out BounceU. Established by parents, this company sees to it that their facilities are clean, safe and fun for kids and adults alike. If you have something to celebrate, they have the ability to host it and make it a memorable occasion. For those who just want to bounce around without the party aspect, BounceU offers open bounce times as well.

7. iT’Z

Little kids aren’t the only ones who get cabin fever when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. Teenagers can also become annoying when they get bored. So, take them to iT’Z, a place where they can go bowling, ride the roller coaster or literally climb the walls. They can also play video games, while those notoriously large teenage appetites are sure to appreciate  the unlimited pasta and pizza buffet.

8. Stomping Grounds

When you hear the name and associate it with kids, you probably think of a super place for kids to run wild. Stomping Grounds is all that and more. This indoor space is also a place where parents can get comfortable with a delectable latte and relax while the kids wear off energy. With 2,000 square feet of play space to run around, your kids are sure to get a good night’s sleep after a visit to Stomping Grounds. Don’t worry about dinner, since they also have a broad menu for kids and adults.

9. Pump It Up

Kids love the inflatables and obstacle courses at Pump It Up. You will love the fact that they will do all the work for you if you decide to hold a party there. They also include pizza, drinks, balloons and goodie bags as part of the package. Pump It Up also has open times if you’re not in the party frame of mind. Certain locations hold classes for beefing up motor skills and enhancing social skills through their PumpStart program. Music, games and structured activities are used in these classes. The Jump-N-Art program also combines structured activities with playtime and art projects for fun and learning. They’ve won the 2012 PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) seal of approval.

10. Wonderwild

Slap some clean socks on the little ones and make the trek to Wonderwild to have a great time. You can party here, or visit during the weekdays. Fun for little and big kids alike, there’s a ton of stuff to do at Wonderwild. You can purchase a membership, which gives you come-and-go privileges and extended play hours. 16,000 square feet of fun should be enough to keep your toddler and older kids busy for a while.


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I am delighted with the outcome, and enjoyed the process.
Dr. Rick Smalley, Professor Rice University, Nobel Peace Prize Honoree