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10 Places to Buy Christening Gowns in Houston

10placestobuychristeninggownshoustonThe day of baptism is a special day in many people’s lives. Not only does it hold a sacred religious significance, but it also serves as a child’s coming out party in many families. For some, planning a christening can be almost as taxing as planning a wedding. Many people opt for a large ceremony and reception and that means lots of preparation in choosing a venue, food, and decorations, among other things. Arguably, the most important element of your baby’s special day will be the gown. It will be shown in numerous photographs for years, maybe even generations, to come and can even serve as something to pass down to your children’s children. Deciding where to start shopping for this essential piece and all the lovely accessories such as the matching bibs, shoes, and bonnets is not always easy. However, the experience can be delightful as there are so many beautiful gowns to choose from once you know where to look. The last thing you want to do is waste valuable time traveling to a store only to find that they do not carry what you’re looking for. To avoid this pitfall, listed here are some of the best places to shop for Christening gowns in Houston for many different budgets and personal tastes.

1. Rattle Tattle

Rattle Tattle is a children’s boutique that sells unique clothing for special occasions. They have a nice assortment of gowns as well as boys’ baptismal outfits.

2. Sears

Sears has a nice selection of christening outfits and gowns at affordable prices. With Sears, you also have the convenience of ordering online if you are operating under time constraints.

3. Haute Mommies & Bella Babies

Located at 477 Bay Area Boulevard in Houston, Haute Mommies and Bella Babies specializes in all things fashion for moms and little ones. A full line of christening suits, gowns and baptismal fashion calls HM&BB home, making it a wise stop for moms on the hunt for the perfect christening outfit.

4. Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory does carry some baptismal gowns and outfits. While they do not have a vast assortment, you have the benefit of seeing their inventory online before making the trip there. You can also order online if you so choose.

5. Mint Baby and Kids

Mint Baby and Kids boasts one of the largest selections of gowns and baptismal accessories in the Greater Houston area. You will find the prices higher than the department stores, but the look and quality of the gowns, suits, and rompers they carry are excellent. They also offer the option of shopping online.

6. Dimples

Dimples Houston is a family owned business that prides itself on offering unique products to its customers. Dimples carries Heirloom christening gowns, shoes, and much more.

7. Dress and Joy Boutique

Dress and Joy Boutique carries hand-made silk, fine organza, and 100% cotton gowns. They are a specialty shop that sells clothing exclusively for religious and special occasions. If you are looking for a fine family heirloom, this may be your store.

8. Sweet Bambini

Sweet Bambini is an upscale children’s boutique in the Memorial area of Houston. It carries a selection of around ten or so gowns that customers can view online as well as in the store. The prices are in the average range.

9. Second Childhood

If you are on a budget or looking for a unique find, you can try the second hand shop, Second Childhood. Because they are a consignment shop, their inventory is always changing, so you need to have the time to take a chance on a “hit or miss” shopping trip. If the trip is a “hit,” you could wind up with an excellent deal.

10. Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child is a consignment shop chain with a franchise located in Willowbrook, Houston. Customers often save around 70% by shopping at this second hand shop. Because the inventory is ever changing, they may or may not have what you are looking for, but if they do; the discount could be well worth the trip.

For any of these shops, calling ahead to ensure that they carry what you are looking for can save you time. It will also help you to intuit whether or not a shop is the sort of place you would like to shop based on how helpful the employees are over the phone. Knowing that you have choices will alleviate any feelings of being stuck shopping at one store or settling for a gown that is not exactly what you had in mind for your child. A christening is a once in a lifetime occasion that both the parents and child deserve to enjoy to the fullest and having this list should help make your gown shopping enjoyable and stress free!


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