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Having a Successful Nanny Relationship When You Work From Home

mothernannyathomeFor work from home parents, hiring a nanny seems like the perfect childcare solution. Work from home parents seemingly get the best of both worlds as they’re able to continue to work while being in the home with their children. And since they are home, they’re able to closely supervise their nanny and monitor her interactions with their children, which can ease anxiety and increase confidence in their decision to work from home.

But, being a work from home parent with a nanny isn’t always easy. For the children, knowing mom or dad is in the next room can cause a reluctance to stay with the caregiver and cause the children to question who is really in charge. For the parents, hearing their children cry or fuss can be too much to bear, which can result in a decrease in productivity if they keep popping in to provide comfort and reassurance. And for the nanny, boundaries can become blurred when parents pop in and out which can lead to confusion about her role and responsibilities and frustration over constant interruptions to the children’s routine.

At Morningside Nannies, we’ve seen many work from home parents have successful relationships with their nanny which has allowed them to really experience the best of both worlds they so actively seek. Those who have successful nanny relationships tend to have five key things in common.

1. They establish a separate work space.

While it can be tempting to work on the couch in the family room, work from home parents with successful nanny relationships establish a separate work space out of sight and out of earshot of their children. They shut the door and go to work, as if they were in an office space away from home.

2. They hold office hours.

One of the benefits of working from home and hiring a nanny is being able to interact with the kids during the day. Seasoned work from home parents know that impromptu interruptions can wreak havoc on a child’s routine so they set up do not disturb hours and set hours for when it’s okay for the children to pop in and say hello.

3. They work around their children’s routine.

Work from home parents may enjoy having lunch with their children, but know if they’re going to do lunch with the kids it needs to be on the kids’ schedule. Likewise, savvy work from home moms know that coming into say hello during times of transitions, especially ones that aren’t received welcomingly, will deter the kid’s and nanny’s success.

4. They back up their provider.

When there are two authority figures present, children expect one person to take the lead. Kids are notorious for asking one adult the same question after the other has said no, hoping to get the answer they seek. Experienced work from home parents know the value in backing up their nanny when it comes to matters of discipline and decisions and know that the best way to address any preferences for handling situations is away from the kids. A nanny who is constantly undermined will lose the respect of the children and won’t be able to do her job well.

5. They resist the urge to step in.

It can be so tempting to run in and rescue your child when your nanny is trying to get him down for a nap or feed him something other than macaroni and cheese, but don’t. If you’ve hired an experienced caregiver you trust, give her chance to do her job to your satisfaction without constantly stepping in and taking over. Build confidence in your caregiver by allowing her to work through issues with your children. When you do you’ll be glad to see she’s able to comfort and calm them too.

At Morningside Nannies, we place prescreened nannies with a variety of backgrounds who seek a variety of types of positions. While some nannies simply won’t work for stay at home parents because they don’t want to be micromanaged, others prefer to partner with work at home parents and help them to achieve their desires to have the best of both worlds.

If you are seeking a qualified nanny, contact a placement specialist today at (713) 526-3989 to begin your nanny search. Our placement specialists will consider your family’s needs and only present to you those candidates who are capable of meeting or exceeding your caregiving expectations.


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