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5 Tips for Photographing Children

A quick look at Instgram or Facebook and it’s clear; people love taking pictures of their children. But for some parents and nannies, capturing the best photograph is not in their wheelhouse. Take heart. We’ve got some great tips for you. Recently I had a chance to connect with Jacob Shelby of The Shelby Studio to learn how nannies and parents could up their photography game. Here’s his 5 best tips for photographing children and capturing their best.

1. Get Down!

The key to a great photo, regardless of its subject, is that it draws you in. The power of an image that puts you in the story tends to be greater than one that sets you apart from it. The easiest way to connect a viewer to your subject when photographing a child is to get on their level. This tip takes little effort but has the maximum payoff! Children-Portraits-Discovery-Green-Houston-Photographer

2. Pay Attention to the Background

Nothing ruins a great photo like a bad background. As I mentioned above, getting down on your child’s eye level helps connect your audience to your subject but it also opens up your options for a better background.

3. Anticipate

Let’s say you’re photographing your child’s birthday party, there are some key moments that you know will give you the potential for great photos: birthday cake, unwrapping gifts, entertainment, etc. Keep these things in mind beforehand and set yourself up in position from the best vantage point and get the best photo.

4. Rapid Fire

When the moment for a great photo comes it’s a good idea to snap at least two or three shots in rapid succession. This doesn’t mean to “spray and pray”, which is the act of shooting as many photos as possible hoping to capture one good one. It just means that it’s smart to get two or three quick shots to ensure your shot isn’t ruined by a blinking kid.

5. Be Patient

Patience may be a virtue but when it comes to snagging that perfect photograph of your child it’s a necessity. I’m referring to your patience with your photography. It’s easy to get discouraged and to decide that the effort isn’t paying off but your photography skills will improve if you stick with it.

Getting great portraits takes skill, intuition, and lots of practice but if you keep these 5 tips in mind the next time you’re photographing your kiddos you’ll be well on your way to some truly great photos. Need some help capturing your child at their best? Contact The Shelby Studio to schedule your family portrait session.


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