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Is a Nanny Share Your Solution to Finding a Quality Part-Time Provider?

For parents seeking part-time childcare, sharing a nanny can be a cost effective option. Sharing a nanny secures parents the childcare coverage they need and allows the children to receive the consistent, quality care they deserve.

When it comes to sharing a nanny, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. In fact, a nanny share arrangement can be as flexible as you need it to be. For parents who need a nanny in the evenings, sharing a nanny with a family who utilizes her during the mornings and afternoons may be a great solution. For parents who require daytime coverage, sharing a nanny with another family during those hours can also work well. For parents who work a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, sharing a nanny with parents who need coverage on Tuesday and Thursday can be a suitable arrangement. Depending on your child care needs, you may opt to find another family with coordinating or complimentary care needs.

In addition to splitting the childcare expenses with another family, a nanny share has other benefits. In a nanny share children have a built-in playmate, which can foster socialization and the development of a close friendship. Parents also gain support from another set of parents who they can bounce parenting ideas off of and even trade babysitting duties so both sets of parents can enjoy an occasional sitter-fee free date night. With four parents if the nanny gets sick or needs a day off, there is also a built-in backup plan if parents are willing to take turns taking days off from work to pinch hit for their nanny.

Many professional nannies aren’t interested in taking on part-time work only, so finding a qualified part-time nanny can be challenging. Securing a nanny full-time hours by finding a family who has complimentary care needs or meeting her salary requirements by coordinating with another family opens up the door to a larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from.

Of course, to make a nanny share work, both families have to be willing to hammer out the logistics, interview a nanny and negotiate when it comes to parenting style and expectations. Working out the details like where the nanny will provide care, what will happen if one of the children gets sick and how it will be handled when one family takes a vacation will take some consideration and forethought.  Drafting a written work agreement with the other family and then together with the nanny can clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations.

At Morningside Nannies we are seeing an increasing number of families interested in nanny share arrangements. If you’re interested in learning more about sharing a nanny, please contact a placement specialist at 713.526.3989.


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