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We’ve been very happy with Amber! She is so sweet with our son, proactive, a huge help around the house, engaging, and super creative with coming up with activities for him. So glad we hired her.

Neighborhood Notes: Vivaldi Music Academy

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Zeljko and Uma Pavlovic, founders of Vivaldi Music Academy. The Vivaldi Music Academy offers comprehensive music education to students of all ages and levels. Here’s a little bit from my interview with her, below.

1. What are the benefits of music education?

Music education supports cognitive, social and physical development for children of all ages. Research tells us that children who study music tendunnamed to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills – they score higher on reading, mathematics and spelling tests. As a discipline in itself, the study of music exercises the mind in a unique dimension, brings appreciation for the arts, and provides a solid cultural foundation. The ability to play and perform music brings joy and is a lot of fun!

2. What age should formal music lessons start?

Vivaldi Music Academy provides an option for every age. Developed by our own faculty, our unique early childhood music classes Vivaldi Seasons encompass ages 1-5. The classes are held within a narrow age range to provide the best music education for each child’s developmental stage. By age 5-6, most children are ready to transition to private lessons. We offer private instruction in piano, violin, voice, guitar, cello, flute and more. Group classes such as our Children’s Choir and Vivaldi Strings Ensemble are a wonderful adjunct and fun-filled experiences.

3. What’s the best approach to take to introducing kids to music?

We always strive for an age appropriate approach and one that encourages children to enjoy the music. A learning environment that is positive and fun is the best approach for music education. Vivaldi Music Academy specializes in guiding each family through their musical journey. We are here to help you choose the right class for your child or which instrument to start lessons with as we teach multiple instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute and more. We also support kids in exploring different instruments and genres of music from classical to rock – learning the fundamentals while incorporating their favorite music into the music lessons and classes helps to keep our students motivated.

4. Best tips for encouraging the family to make musical moments together?

Musical moments can be created with your family on a daily basis. Listening to music while prepping for dinner, bath time or other activities are great ways to incorporate music into your daily life. Talk to your children about what they are listening to and encourage them to share their thoughts on different types and genres of music. Houston is a great city for the arts and there are many live musical concerts throughout the year – we encourage our families to attend concerts as it reinforces what our students are learning in their lessons and classes. And it’s a great way to spend time with your family!

5. What approach do you take to teaching? Is it performance based? Process based?

Our faculty members are skilled in assessing each child’s method of learning and lessons are tailored to meet every student’s needs. We incorporate a variety of teaching methods for the best and most comprehensive music education. Performances are a great motivational and confidence building experience for our students so we include two recitals per year in our tuition. The recitals in Houston have been held at prestigious venues such as Rice University, the MATCH, and Houston Baptist University’s Belin Chapel. It is amazing to see our students progress and families love to see their children showcase their talent. In addition, our students were so excited this past summer to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City – it was an amazing experience. And this coming June we will be performing in Venice, Italy!

6. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Our goal is to foster confidence and creativity in students of all ages through exceptional musical learning. With our dedicated world-class faculty, state of the art facilities, and innovative programs we hope to transform lives and bolster our community through the joy of music. We encourage you to join us and develop a life-long passion for music!

To learn more about Vivalid Music Academy visit www.VivaldiMusicAcademy.com



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