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5 Solutions for Common Problems Nanny and Employers Face

Even in the best of relationships an occasional problem surfaces.  This is no different in the relationship between a nanny and her employers. Fortunately, in the nanny and employer relationship preventive measures can eliminate or minimize most common problems nannies and parents face.

Some of the most common problems we hear about at Morningside Nannies, and our solutions to them, are included below.

Problem 1: Changing of Expectations

By nature nannies are caretakers and helpers. It’s not unusual for a nanny to go above and beyond the call of duty and tackle tasks outside of her required ones if it means lending the parents an occasional hand. However, when a nanny unloads the clean dishes in the dishwasher upon arrival because mom is running late or folds the parent’s laundry because she has to do the kids linens and they are in the dryer, these gestures can become expected daily tasks, and when that happens resentment can settle in.

Solution: Having a written work agreement that outlines the nannies duties and responsibilities can help to prevent job creep. If parents require the nanny to take on additional duties and tasks, speaking directly to the nanny about them can help to ensure everyone understands the new expectations. If the tasks are outside the scope of the work agreement, the nanny should be compensated accordingly.

Problem 2: Payroll Issues

There’s nothing worse than having to ask for your paycheck at the end of the week or to receive a paycheck that’s for less than the anticipated amount. Nannies who have to remind their employers to pay them may feel resentful for having to ask to be paid or to have the amount corrected.

Solution: Parents should provide a logbook for the nanny to track her hours in and the hours tallied in the logbook should be used to calculate the hours worked. Parents should consider utilizing a payroll service like Breedlove & Associates to handle their payroll needs or using direct deposit to pay their nanny promptly on a the scheduled day.

Problem 3: On Time Arrivals

Parents depend on nannies to arrive on time so that they can meet their personal or professional obligations. Nannies depend on parents to arrive home on time so that they can end their workday and fulfill their own commitments. While of course parents understand that nannies can be late due to no fault of their own and nannies understand parents can get tied up at work, if being punctual is an ongoing problem, it’s going to create stress and tension in the nanny and employer relationship.

Solution: When providing the nanny with her schedule parents should avoid presenting the best case scenario. If they’re scheduled to get off of work at 6 but they know that rarely happens, they should adjust the nanny’s hours accordingly. Nannies should allow adequate time to get to work in the morning and make an effort to arrive a few minutes early so that they are ready to begin their day at their scheduled time.

Problem 4: Miscommunication

Miscommunications can arise when parents and nannies don’t fully communicate scheduling changes, expectations or information. Forgetting to tell a nanny that an afternoon playdate has been scheduled or assuming mom passed along the message that dad would be late that evening can be problematic.

Solution: Setting the stage for effective communication is important. Having a logbook or journal, a family calendar, a morning and evening debriefing session and weekly meetings can help to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Problem 5: Presenting a United Front         

When addressing behavioral issues with the children, if the parents and nanny aren’t united in their behavioral expectations, setting of consequences the children will sense a crack in the parenting team and will take advantage of it.   

Solution: Parents and nannies should strive to create a supportive environment. If the parents disagree on the way a nanny has handled a situation, instead of overriding her decision in front of the children, the parents should speak to the nanny in private and provide alternative ways of handling the situation.

Like with any relationship, when a problem comes up, addressing it and working it out as soon as possible minimizes the impact on the relationship. We encourage families to have open and honest communication and to address issues as they arise.


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