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Hosting a Holiday Play Date on a Budget

When school gets out for winter break, kids, parents, and caretakers might find themselves with plenty of time to play. And what could be better than hosting a play date with friends as a way to stay in touch over vacation, as well as keep playtime fun! Here’s a 7 tips for hosting a fun holiday play date while staying on a budget:

1. Everyone brings a dish or a snack

One way to save money on food at your holiday play date would be to have everyone bring their favorite snack or dish. Instead of buying food for all attendees, the food that everyone brings can be enjoyed by everyone.

2. Weather permitting…hit the outdoors

Most kids love to play outside, so weather permitting, schedule part of your play date outdoors. Sometimes a game of tag or hide and seek is the perfect way to burn off energy and enjoy playing with friends.

3. Hot chocolate and holiday movies on DVD

Big cups of warm hot chocolate with marshmallows might be the perfect way to watch holiday movies. Curl up with blankets and add some popcorn, and you’ll have happy campers.

4. Making Christmas ornaments or holiday crafts

You can find relatively cheap Christmas crafting supplies at dollar stores, so set up a place where kids can construct their own Christmas ornaments or crafts Make sure there are things like glitter, markers or crayons, glue, and basic crafting materials.

5. Write letters to Santa and make holiday collages

Why not gather all the kids around with special pens and paper, so that they can draft their letters to Santa? Kids can discuss their wishlist, draft it up, decorate it, and then get it ready in an envelope to mail out. Or if wish lists are out, you can always gather up magazines you don’t use anymore, and kids can cut out pictures and make their own collage illustrating winter and the holidays.

6. Hold a coloring book and crayons gift swap

There are so many different kinds of coloring books out during the holidays. It could loads of fun to have each parent draw a name from the attendees and bring a wrapped coloring book with crayons for a gift swap. Each child could leave with a new coloring book and new crayons.

7. Christmas Music Dance Party

If your group likes Christmas music or holiday tunes, why not schedule a dance party? Choose an area of the house with plenty of space, and have the kids dance to Christmas music. They can make up their own routines, and create performances…or they can just dance!

The holidays are always fun, but they can also be a time when staying within a budget is really important. Hopefully these tips will help if you’re looking to hold a holiday play date on a budget.

Paige Estigarribia is a regular contributor to The Dollar Stretcher.com. The site features ways to “Live Better…for Less” and has an active family section.


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