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Houston Nanny Wage Trends


The results of the 2022 INA Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey are in.

The key takeaways for the Houston market include:

The national nanny median hourly rate continues to increase. In 2012, it was $16, in 2017 it was $19, and in 2022, it was $25 per hour.

The national average nanny rate is $27 per hour. This is a 42% increase over the past five years. In Texas it is $25 per hour.

Higher wages and more benefits indicate that the pandemic has brought to light the value of child care.

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2023 Tax Responsibilities for Nanny Employers

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10 Houston Nanny Trends for 2023

Wondering what 2023 has in store for the Houston nanny market?

Here’s a few trends to look for as you conduct your nanny search.

1. Increased Federal Tax Thresholds
The earnings threshold that triggers the requirement to remit FICA taxes on a household employee’s wages will increase to $2,600 in 2023, up from from $2,400 in 2022. If the annual FICA wage threshold is reached, the household employer becomes responsible for remitting both the employee and employer portions of FICA on all the wages they paid to the employee during the tax year. When wages paid to a household employee do not reach the annual FICA threshold, the household employer is not required to issue a W-2.

2. An IRS Mileage Rate Increase
Beginning on January 1, 2023, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be 65.5 cents per mile driven for business use, up 3 cents from the midyear increase setting the rate for the second half of 2022.

3. Nanny Wage Increases 
“Last year was one of the tightest nanny job markets in recent memory, or, maybe ever. With daycare centers closed or offering limited availability, the demand for in-home childcare skyrocketed. While that demand may have slowed a little bit, hourly rates for nannies increased by up to $4/hour.”

4. Higher Nanny Wage Expectations 
We are seeing accepted full-time job offers at gross wage rates between $22-26 per hour, and have seen jobs place as high as $32 per hour in Q4 of 2022. Part-time hourly wage rate expectations continue to be more than full-time hourly wage rate expectations, with the fewer the hours guaranteed, the higher the wage expectation.

5. Industry Standard Benefits
Nannies continue to expect fair and legal pay, and a minimum of guaranteed wages, paid vacation, paid major holidays, sick days, and the IRS mileage reimbursement rate of on the job driving when using their own personal vehicle.

6. Nanny Shortages 
The pandemic nanny shortage that we saw in 2021 continues with there being more jobs than there are nannies. We are seeking search windows of 2-8 weeks for full-time searches and 6-12 weeks or more for part-time searches and double the amount of jobs than available nannies.

7. Guaranteed Hours
Nannies continue to expect to be paid for the minimum schedule they agreed to when accepting the job offer, regardless of if the hours are worked. If family comes into town and the nanny is given the day off so that the children can enjoy time with family, the nanny would still expect to be paid.

8. New Rules Surrounding Venmo or App Payments
The IRS has delayed the implementation of this new tax reporting rule. Receiving payment for services via a mobile app won’t generate a Form 1099-K if these payments totaled more than $600 in 2022. The rule will now apply to 2023 payments.

9. A Competitive Nanny Market
Nannies have their choice of jobs, so they are less likely to take on dual roles, like nanny/housekeeper, or take on tasks not related to the children. They can afford to be choosy in the jobs they interview for and don’t have to make the concessions that were typical to land their perfect job, prior to the pandemic.

10. In Person Interviews
During 2021 and 2022, many parents were hiring nannies directly from Zoom interviews. We are starting to see a trend of returning to the in-person interviews and shadow interviews, that disappeared during the height of the pandemic.

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Flexibility or Open Availability?

Everyone understands that one of the many benefits of employing a nanny is the flexibility that comes with it.

Running a few minutes late due to traffic? No problem.

Work emergency that requires you to stay late?  Not an issue.

Got a weekend wedding and need date night coverage? You’ve got it!

Overnight care needed due to a work trip and the grandparents got ill and cancel coming into town to provide coverage? Don’t worry, the nanny will have your back.

When a family states that they need flexibility in their job description and during their nanny search, these are some of the exact scenarios that nannies are well-prepared for and have come to expect.

But what happens when that occasional need for additional coverage turns into a daily or at least predictable expectation?

You’ve crossed the line from needing flexibility into the need for open availability.

The nanny who is hired for afterschool care only is now needed to cover full days whenever school is not in session. The nanny can’t have another job because she needs to be available for work.

The nanny is expected to work until the employer is finished his or her work for the day, with no indication of what time that will be. The nanny can’t make afterwork plans because she may need to be available for work.

The nanny is required to work a split shift, but is not paid for hours in between, yet must be available if she is needed to provide care during the day. The nanny can’t take another job, make appointments, or attend classes, because she may need to be available for work.

The nanny is needed to travel with the family, but she doesn’t usually work full-time hours. The nanny can’t keep her normal obligations outside of her work hours because she is needed for work.

The nanny is expected to be on call when the parents are on call, so she can’t have another job because she may be needed to provide care. The nanny can’t make any plans, because without notice, she may have to work.

The nanny is encouraged to float hours because of regular schedule changes. The nanny can’t take any commitments during her workweek because she expected to be available when her employer needs her.

So how do nanny employers ensure they have childcare when they need it most?

Advertise accurately for your care need. Consider your care needs carefully. How many times do you run late per week? How often are schools closed and you need back-up coverage? How frequently are the children home from school sick? What are your summer childcare plans? If you find that you regularly need move coverage than the schedule you are advertising for, adjust your schedule or adjust your expectations regarding the nanny’s need to provide the coverage.

Compensate for the availability needed. Structure your schedule and compensation for the maximum amount of coverage you’ll need. Plan on paying your nanny for the hours she needs to be available to ensure you have the coverage when you need it most.

Have a backup plan. If you regularly need coverage outside of your typical schedule, consider hiring a second nanny or having an up-to-date call list of screened caregivers that you can use to fill the gaps. If you regularly need weekend coverage, consider hiring a weekend nanny.

Consider the benefits of full-time care. If your availability need is for full-time, but your core needs are part-time consider transitioning to a full-time nanny/assistant role. If running errands, home organization, grocery shopping and other non-deep cleaning type tasks would be beneficial to you, consider building out your role to build in the availability you need.

Remember the give and take. Nanny employers who offer their nanny flexibility will often get additional flexibility in return. Does your nanny need to attend a doctor’s appointment? Is she running late because she’s stuck behind an accident on the freeway? Consider how you respond to these requests if you are seeking additional flexibility in return.

Ensuring you have the coverage when you need it is one of the benefits of hiring a nanny care. As the employer, you set the schedule and you hire someone who can meet your scheduling needs. Honestly evaluating your care needs, transparently communicating them to potential hires, and appropriately compensating your nanny will ensure that you can attract and maintain a nanny who will be there for you when you need her most.


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5 Facts About Nanny Holiday Bonuses

Holiday bonuses are customary within the nanny industry with parents giving their nanny with a yearend or holiday bonus.

In fact, many nanny employers factor the holiday bonus into their childcare budget and include reference to it in their written work agreement with their nanny.

    If you are considering offering your nanny a holiday bonus, here are 5 things you need to know:

  • Traditionally speaking, nannies receive a holiday bonus equivalent to one to two week’s wages.
  • Things like experience, how long a nanny has been with the family, geographical location and what a family can truly afford can influence how much a bonus is.
  • This amount typically increases the longer a nanny has been with a family, with long-term nannies receiving as much as what is equivalent to one month’s wages.
  • For nannies who are new to a family, calculating one day’s pay for each month of employment is a standard approach.
  • While parents and nannies may be familiar with the idea of yearend bonuses, many are not aware that the annual bonus counts as taxable income.

For nannies, bonuses do matter, as they indicate the nanny has successfully met or exceeded your expectations and they show appreciation for the commitment and investment the nanny has made to the family throughout the year and builds positive feelings towards the relationship.

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5 Reasons Nanny Specific Training is Essential

While nannies fall under the umbrella of childcare providers, their role, workplace, and responsibilities are certainly unique.

Childcare trainings designed for daycare workers, center-based providers, and early childhood educators certainly cover content that nannies can apply to their work but does not always take into consideration the special challenges, circumstances, and situations that nannies regularly face in their role or their workplace.

For that reason, when considering training, nannies will benefit from programs that are developed specifically for them by those who know the nanny industry best.

1. Nanny specific training increases your understanding of nanny knowledge, your role, and responsibilities, which is required to be successful. While many other childcare roles require certification or licensing based on established standards to obtain work, no such requirement yet exists for nannies in the United States. Over the course of the last 25 years, however, industry organizations have begun to develop best practices, standards, and recommend minimum requirements for nannies in effort to bring uniformity in understanding to the role nannies play in families and the responsibilities they have in their work. When choosing nanny specific training, look for educators who have experience as nannies, have played a key role in helping to develop and promote industry accepted norms, and have extensive experience and knowledge about the nanny industry.

2. Nanny specific training educates you about the challenges that come with the unique work environment of a nanny. When you work in a childcare center, you never have to worry about your boss walking out of his office in his underwear, go without a co-worker being arm’s reach away ready to lend a hand, or not having constant oversight as you perform your duties. Nannies work largely unsupervised in their employers’ private homes. The intimate nature of the workplace and the dynamics of the relationship between parents and a caregiver who often spends more time in their home, with their children, then they do can bring many challenges. Nanny specific education is designed from the understanding of the unique workplace and unique relationships that nannies encounter and provides training form that perspective.

3. Nanny specific training empowers you to be your own human resources advocate. When you work as a nanny, you have no one to help you when your paycheck seems off or when you have questions about scheduling your vacation or how to notify your employer when you are sick. You are forced to figure these things out on your own, hopefully prior to starting a position with the creation of a written work agreement and household manual. Nanny specific training gives you tools and strategies for starting off the employer/employee relationship right, having tough conversations about the business side of nannying, and understanding the law, wage compliance, and tax implications related to being and hiring a nanny.

4. Nanny specific training is developed specifically for nannies. Nanny specific training isn’t childcare training adapted for nannies, it’s created for nannies with a special understanding of what a nanny is, where a nanny works, and what a nanny needs to know to be successful. As a center-based childcare provider, there are things about the children in your care, the families you work with, your employers, and your workplace that you will never know or never need to know, like how to get to the children’s doctor’s office or how to contact grandma, but for nannies, this information is vital in ensuring they can safely and effectively perform their job.

5. Nanny specific training can give you added earning potential credibility. Voluntarily enrolling and completing training that is specifically created for your role in the workplace demonstrates that you are a professional who desires to be more knowledgeable in your area of professional practice. With third-party accreditation now available to nannies in the United States by NCFE/CACHE, the most recognized childcare care awarding organization in the world, there has never been a better time to increase your nanny knowledge which can increase your earning potential and credibility.

As you consider your career path in the childcare world, there are more educational opportunities than ever for nannies. Choosing training developed specifically for nannies by recognized leaders in the nanny industry will help to ensure that you are gaining knowledge from those who truly understand the important work nannies do and those who can teach you how to do it best.

Michelle LaRowe has over 25 years of experience in the nanny industry and has worked as an award-winning nanny, past executive director of the International Nanny Association, executive director of an award-winning nanny referral agency, and is the lead educator at NannyTraining.com and GlobalNannyTraining.com. She is also the publisher of Nanny Magazine, the industry’s leading trade publication. Michelle, along with Stella Reid, launched the first US Based NCFE accredited nanny training program and continues to develop competency-based training specifically for nannies.

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Happy National Nanny Recognition Week

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New! Accredited Career Pathway for Nannies Now Available

GlobalNannyTraining.com provides specialized training for nannies that offers third-party accreditation through the Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE), the global leader in vocational and technical learning, and the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education, (CACHE) which specializes in the early years and childcare sector.

According to the US Department of Labor, it is estimated that there are nearly one million childcare workers in the United States, a group which includes nannies who provide unsupervised care for the country’s youngest citizens in their private homes. There has been no accredited career pathway for these workers. Until now.

Stella Reid, a trained British nanny who is also known as Nanny Stella from the hit reality TV show Nanny 911, and award-winning nanny, parenting author, and educator Michelle LaRowe, have joined forces to bring nannies specialized training that offers third-party accreditation through the Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE), the global leader in vocational and technical learning, and the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education, (CACHE) which specializes in the early years and childcare sector.

“Each of our customized qualifications offered on GlobalNannyTraining.com has been developed to meet the specific needs of nannies and has been accredited by NCFE/CACHE, demonstrating the quality and rigor of our course work. Upon completion of each Customized Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement issued by NCFE/CACHE which serves as evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by successfully earning the qualification,” said Michelle LaRowe, the organization’s lead educator.

“As a British trained nanny, it was always concerning to me that in the US, there were no opportunities for nannies to gain knowledge and skills through competency-based training that leads to recognized accreditation or credentials,” cautioned Stella Reid. In 2016, Reid decided to change that by establishing the first and only US-based CACHE Endorsed Training Center, where she now offers accredited training for both nannies and newborn care specialists, alongside LaRowe and other leading industry experts. According to the NCFE website, her center is one of only 16 endorsed centers from around the world.

“Working in a private home as a nanny is much different than working in center-based childcare,” said LaRowe. “Our courses are designed especially for nannies, by nanny industry experts. They are not adapted for nannies, but instead are developed specifically for those caregivers who work in private homes. That makes a real difference,” LaRowe explained.

In addition to aligning with NCFE and CACHE standards, courses offered through GlobalNannyTraining.com align with the US Nanny Association’s National Standards and cover the competency goals, subject areas and functional areas outlined by the frameworks required to earn the Council for Professional Recognition’s Child Development Associate Credential. GlobalNannyTraining.com is also an educational member of the International Nanny Association.

GlobalNannyTraining.com offers affordable, easily accessible, and online training to nannies across the globe. Thus far, LaRowe and Reid have educated nannies in over 30 countries, according to enrollment data from NannyTraining.com.

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New Job Parameters

Due to the increase in demand for nannies, Morningside Nannies is currently only accepting positions that meet the following criteria, effective 1/28/2022.

We will only accept split shift positions that guarantee 40 hours per week. To ensure families have the flexibility they need and to ensure nannies are not being asked for full-time availability for part-time pay, we have found this parameter to be essential for a successful long-term placement.

We will only accept part-time positions with consistent schedules. Because we only represent experienced caregivers and do not have entry level providers, those who are seeking part-time positions are most often seeking positions to complement their other commitments. For this reason, we will only accept part-time jobs that are set days and hours and jobs that offer only morning hours or only afternoon hours.

We will only accept part-time positions that have a four-hour minimum shift per day. While after school nannies are in demand, the jobs that successfully place offer 4 hours per day, 5 days per week for a 20 hour per week minimum guarantee.

We will only accept full-time positions that offer industry standard benefits. While you are not legally required to offer benefits, to attract and retain quality nannies and to remain competitive, standard benefits must be offered. Full-time nannies that we successfully place typically expect their offer package to include two weeks of paid vacation, guaranteed hours, paid vacation days, paid holidays, paid sick days and mileage reimbursement for on the job driving when the nanny is using her own vehicle. We are unable to accept positions that do not offer these minimums.

We will only accept positions that do not include deep cleaning or pet care. Our candidates are childcare providers. They take on all tasks related to the children including cleaning and organizing the children’s rooms, preparing the children’s meals and cleaning up afterwards, and doing the children’s laundry. The general rule of thumb for general areas of the home is the nanny will leave the home in the same or better condition as when she arrived. Our clients and nannies are most satisfied when a housekeeper comes into the home once a week or once every two weeks to deep clean, and a dog walker to provide services for families whose pets require more than being let in and out of the home daily.

We will only accept legally paying jobs that offer a minimum of $17 gross per hour. We educate both our nannies and families on the importance of fair and legal pay. Our jobs typically place between $18-22 per hour. Part-time jobs tend to have a higher hourly wage expectation than full-time jobs.

We will only accept jobs in our immediate service area. This extends from Conroe to Sienna Plantation and from Katy to the 610.

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Office Updates

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, we have continued to serve nannies and families while transitioning to a remote work environment.

As we have continued to fine tune our processes, policies, and procedures to work in a virtual world and with no real timeline established for heading back into the office to meet with nannies face to face, we have decided to permanently operate in a virtual setting.

Prior to the pandemic, we never would have imagined a world where we would be screening nannies outside of our office, however in today’s world, we all know too well that virtual operations have become the norm.

Since the start of the pandemic, so much of the way we do business has changed. In fact, a substantial number of nanny placements made over the last year included family’s hiring directly from a virtual interview.

While we continue to miss seeing our nannies face to face, we enjoy how quickly and efficiently we can assist them in finding the right job with the right family.

As we close the doors to our longtime Kirby Street office, we are excited about the opportunity to leverage technology as we continue to help nannies and families find the right match.

Should you wish to reach us by postal mail, our new mailing address is 22136 Westheimer Pkwy #704 Katy, TX 77450. Our website, phone number, fax number, and email addresses will all remain the same. Our hours will be 8a-530p Monday-Friday.

Thank you for your continued support.

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