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What to Do When Your Nanny Gets Pregnant

pregnantnannyEven for parents who have employed the same married nanny for several years, learning that their nanny is expecting a baby of her own may come as a huge surprise. In fact, upon learning the news that their nanny is pregnant, some moms end up feeling a bit guilty because they don’t react to the news in the way they would have thought.

The first reaction to learning that your nanny is expecting a baby may be panic. Although you know your nanny loves children and will make an amazing mom, your first thoughts may center on how this news will affect you.

Take a deep breath. Don’t panic. Chances are, your nanny is panicking enough for both of you.

While expecting nannies are typically over the moon with excitement about their pregnancy, they also are likely worried about job security and how they’ll manage being a working mom themselves.

While at first you may consider a pregnancy announcement to be the precursor to your nanny giving notice or you giving your nanny the pink slip, a pregnancy announcement doesn’t have to signal the end of your working relationship. In fact, there are many reasons why you may not want it to be the beginning of the end of your time together.

If your nanny has been with you for several years, transitioning to a new caregiver may not be something that you want or are even willing to do. This is especially true if your nanny has been with your children since they were born. If this is the case, determining if continuing your working arrangement is feasible may make sense.

If you have an only child, the thought of having a built-in playmate for your child may be attractive. Perhaps you wanted your child to experience having a sibling, but providing him with one isn’t something you’re ready to do. If these cases, exploring the possibilities of an ongoing relationship may be worth doing.

If your budget is stretched but you still require nanny care, keeping your nanny on may be a win-win for both of you. Your nanny may be willing to take a pay cut or forgo a raise if she’s able to bring her child to work with her. You’ll still receive customized, consistent care and your nanny will reap the benefits of not having to find and pay for childcare.

Whether you and your nanny decide to continue your employment relationship or not, you’ll need to discuss future plans. These plans may include securing back-up care should your nanny become ill or be put on bed rest during her pregnancy, hammering out a maternity leave plan and planning for your nanny’s temporary or permanent departure.

If you do decide to continue your working relationship, you’ll need to create a detailed work agreement that outlines expectations with regards to managing care, sharing supplies, caring for ill children and salary and benefits.

Since most nannies will want to bring their babies to work with them, you’ll need to decide if such an arrangement will work for you. While some parents may worry that their nanny will favor their own child or become overwhelmed with caring for two or more children, most seasoned nannies have experience caring for multiple children of varying ages and will handle the situation with professionalism and care.

Whether you need a back-up care provider, help formulating an amended work agreement or wish to begin a new nanny search, the staff at Morningside Nannies is ready to assist you. Contact one of our placement specialists today at (713) 526-3989 for assistance with your care needs.


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