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10 of the Best Places to Shop for Kids in Houston

10kidsshoppingHouston, Texas is one home to a wide array of shopping and retail outlets, many of which are directed at or suitable for kids of all ages. Though there’s far more to Houston that can be encompassed on any short list, these ten destinations are among the best when it comes to tracking down the perfect gift for a child. Regardless of what they’re into, you’re sure to find something fit for the pint-sized apple of your eye at one of these ten stores.

1. The Children’s Place

What better place to find clothes for your child than Children’s Place? From clothes to accessories, Children’s Place has it all. If you don’t want to go shopping on your own, take your kids with you! More than just a place to shop, Children’s Place is a place to help your child create her personality. There are often discounts throughout the store and sometimes there are even events for special occasions and holidays.

2. Clothes for Kids Resale

Another aptly named children’s store, Clothes for Kids Resale is the oldest consignment store in Houston, and it’s just for kids. Like the typical consignment store, it offers high-quality, gently-worn kids’ clothes at an affordable price. Established in 1973 and a favorite of Houston parents ever since, Clothes for Kids Resale is a perfect shopping hot-spot for budget-conscious parents. Floor to ceiling, this store is filled with amazing finds.

3. Little Lords and Ladies

This store is perfect for your little prince or princess. These upscale clothes are designed with kids in mind. Little Lords and Ladies does more than clothe your children, they will also style their hair. And, once the hair is done, take your young one over to the accessories to find the perfect complement to her new outfit and ‘do.

4. Tulips and Tutus

Don’t let the feminine connotation of this shop’s name fool you; Tulips and Tutus has clothes for girls and boys from babies through the tween years. There is always something for your child at Tulips and Tutus.

5. Houston Premium Outlets

Outlet stores are known for offering high-end items at deep discounts, and Premium Outlets is no exception. Carters, Disney Store, Gap (for kids and babies) and more are located within this outlet mall. Find whatever your kids want or need at this one-stop shop location.

6. Baby and Child Gallery

Looking to create that perfect baby room? Shop for your child’s crib, changing table and much more at the Baby and Child Gallery. It’s much more than just a furniture store, it is a place filled with artistically designed creations made so your child can live in the luxury he deserves.

7. Bedrock City Comics

Remember reading and collecting comic books as a kid? Bring back the tradition for your children by stopping by Bedrock City Comics and checking out what they have in store. Shopping for your kids doesn’t necessarily have to mean buying clothes and accessories, or even toys! Buy them something different from what they are used to while fostering a love of reading and encouraging their active imaginations.

8. Candylicious

It’s no secret that making healthier choices and encouraging kids to do the same when it comes to their diet is important. That being said, it’s also okay to splurge on occasion. Make it worthwhile at Candylicious by stocking up on some decadent treats purchased from a store specializing in the satisfaction of a sweet tooth!

9. Frankel’s Costume Company

Costumes are not just for Halloween. Stop by Frankel’s Costume Company to stock up on dress-up clothes, or to prepare for your kid’s next birthday party with a costume theme. This store is open year round, so you’re not restricted to seasonal shopping during the hectic Halloween holiday.

10. The Galleria

This mega mall has different stores for kids of all ages. You can even take a break from shopping with a quick skate around the indoor ice skating rink. After a spin on the ice, head over to the Build-A-Bear Workshop to put together a brand new, cuddly best friend. The Galleria is more than just a shopping destination; it’s an all-day adventure!

Whether you’re a Houston native or simply visiting, there is a veritable goldmine of shopping options for kids and adults alike in this world-class city. From high-end togs to top-notch toys, there’s nothing on a child’s wish list that you won’t be able to find in one of Houston’s exciting shopping destinations.


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