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5 Ways to Better Manage Your Nanny

By Megan Gilbreath

Nanny employers have a tricky task of balancing a personal and professional relationship with their nanny. But parents must have full confidence with this boundary, putting their working relationship first. And within this working relationship, it is of vital importance that parents actively manage their nannies, this way your nanny can be set up for success.

nanny management


1. Set Clear Expectations

When your nanny first starts out, make it very clear what is expected of her and what her duties will consist of. To make it concrete, have a detailed written work agreement. The agreement should have a complete job description, pay and raise agreements, and any other ground rules you wish to establish. Once your nanny begins, be sure to communicate exactly how you want things done, from how to fold the laundry to disciplining the kids. And if something isn’t to your liking, you must speak up.

2. Earn Each Other’s Trust.

Your nanny is taking care of your most precious beings, your children, so it is essential to trust her. Nanny cameras are often thought to be the solution to nurturing this trust (which can work, if it’s fitting for you) but it’s best to disclose if you are taping your nanny. Another idea is coming home unexpectedly, which can ensure that your nanny is properly caring for your children. Just as important, your nanny must be able to trust you. Be sure to keep your word and respect the time she offers for your family.

3. Strive for Open and Honest Communication.

Over time, your nanny will begin to take on her role as a parenting partner. To benefit the children, it is best to discuss all aspects of the parenting style you would like to adopt. Include your nanny in setting goals and be open to her suggestions and her feedback. You could even create a log book that can serve a communication journal and behavior and schedule tracker.

4. Keep Business, Business

Your nanny likely cares deeply about your children, but the bottom line is this is also her job. And with a job comes professionalism, needed from your nanny and from you. So be sure she gets paid legally and on time and come home when you agreed to. But if something happens and you can’t release your nanny from her shift on time, be sure she is compensated fairly and legally.

5. Invest in the Relationship

Just like an office job, have scheduled meetings and check-in times with your nanny. Depending on her experience and your comfort level, these meetings can be help anywhere from weekly to annually. Within these meetings discuss not only your children and your nanny’s performance, but also how she feels within her positon and any suggestions you have for moving forward. Acknowledge not only what your nanny can improve upon, but also acknowledge areas where she is thriving. Be sure to recognize work anniversaries and personal matters. Take an interest in your nanny’s personal life, but not too much.

Your nanny is one of the most important people in your life and she influences your children daily. Be sure she is managed well, so that she can best meet your caregiving expectations.
Megan Gilbreath is a California college student pursuing journalism and public relations. She is also a working nanny who spends her time caring for two toddlers who keep her busy and joyful as she navigates caretaking through their medical conditions of high functioning autism and developmental delay. Connect with Megan on Twitter @meganrgilbreath.

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