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Driving Records: Practically Perfect in Every Way?

For many nannies, especially those who work in the suburbs, driving children is an essential part of their daily duties and responsibilities. From taking children to school and afterschool activities, to driving them to and from playdates or appointments, transporting children is often a requirement of the job.

Yet nannies are often surprised to learn that speeding tickets, driving with a revoked license, operating under the influence, reckless driving, failure to use proper child restraints, driving an unsafe vehicle and other charges or arrests can be problematic and even detrimental to their job search.

While one speeding ticket a few years back may not automatically disqualify a nanny applicant from working with an agency, especially if she has taken a defensive driving course and has references that report she is a safe driver, a pattern of motor vehicle incidents not only demonstrate a questionable driving history, but may paint a bigger overall picture – one of poor judgement.

For families who utilize a reputable nanny referral agency, checking a potential candidate’s driving history is – or should be – a standard norm. As a pre-requisite for representation at Morningside Nannies, all candidates must have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, access to a reliable vehicle that can be used for work and consent to a background check that consists of a motor vehicle driving record check as part of their screening process.

How the data returned on the checks is handled can vary from agency to agency. While the laws vary by state on what data and information can and cannot be used for pre-employment screening, reputable agencies will consider all data and information that they can legally use as far back as they can legally use it as allowed by law when making a representation determination.

Since a candidate authorizes consent of a motor vehicle driving record check and is applying for positions that require the transportation of children, it’s paramount that the data and information gathered reflect that a nanny is a safe and responsible driver.

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