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The Best Places to Take Outdoor <br/> Family Pictures in Houston

The-Best-Places-to-Take-Outdoor-Family-Pictures-in-HoustonHouston is a beautiful city with plenty of fun and exciting things to see and do. If you are visiting Houston with your family, you will have the chance to capture memories at some of the most historic locations in both Texas, and the United States as a whole. So pack up the kids, take a picnic and get ready to enjoy some of the sights and sounds that Houston has to offer. To help inspire you, here are some of the best places to take outdoor family pictures in Houston.

Sam Houston Park

There aren’t many better places to take family pictures in Houston than the beautiful Sam Houston Park. While you’re there, make sure to visit the Heritage Museum, the Alexander Hodge Memorial and the Armillary Sphere for some quality picture opportunities. If it’s history you are after, there are also a number of locations that you’ll fall in love with, including Kellum-Noble House, St. John Church and the 4th Ward Cottage. All in all, Sam Houston Park is great for any family day out.

Kemah Boardwalk

Places like this are the stuff dreams are made of, which means you’ll want to capture the moment with a few photographs. Kemah Boardwalk is a beautiful area on Houston’s waterfront. There is a theme park, where you can recapture your youth and go home with the pictures to prove it. Snap a picture while you dine out at one of the many seafront restaurants, which are lined along the boardwalk. Or take a family photo, while everyone enjoys the seaside shows that are put on for visitors every day.

Houston Zoo

A day at the zoo is always fun, and Houston has one of the best in the world. There are shows and tours available daily, with plenty of time to stop for family pictures. Make sure to take a photo of the kids as they get the chance to feed the giraffes. Not only will you get a great picture for the family album, but you’ll be helping to feed the giraffes and other animals in the zoo by paying the $5 fee for giraffe food.

Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens is made up of three spectacular, Pyramid-shaped indoor attractions that capture the essence of nature, even in inclement weather. Visit the Aquarium Pyramid, the Rainforest Pyramid, and the Discovery Pyramid, which focuses on science activities and discoveries. Although there are plenty of photo-ops inside the attractions, the real hidden gem is from the outside. Take away the memories of your day out, against the backdrop of these three amazing structures.

Battleship Texas

If you’ve got the sea legs for it, a visit to the Battleship Texas is a must while visiting Houston. Take a tour of ship and the surrounding battlefield, stopping along the way to capture those all-important family photos. There is some real Texas history here, so make sure to set aside an entire day to take everything. Battleship Texas is also close to the Houston Space center, if you’re in the mood for a really out of this world experience.

Offshore Energy Center

Moving even further offshore, you will find the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum and Education Center. The now-retired jack-up drilling rig provides the ideal setting for some unique family photos. Plus, tours include an exclusive window to the inner workings of offshore energy facilities, which you won’t get in any traditional classroom. This is a great chance to have a fun-filled day out with the family, and learn a thing or two while you’re there and get a few priceless snaps for the family photo album.

Galveston Duck Tours

It’s hard to beat an aqua-but tour when you’re looking for great photo opportunities. The Galveston Duck Tours will take you on a fifteen-mile exploratory journey around Galveston Island, where you will have plenty of time to take pictures along the way. The aqua-bus is amphibious, so be prepared to take in all the sights that you can, by both land and sea.

Bayou Wildlife Zoo

From the safety of a tram, get up close and personal with all the animal attractions at Bayou Wildlife Zoo. If you’re good with a camera, you can even fool your friends into thinking that you are out on safari in the wilds of Africa. The prices are very reasonable, too, at $20 per adult, $10 for kids between the ages of two and eleven. Toddlers get in for free, so take plenty of pictures to commemorate the experience.


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